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Castien Balroris

High Mage Castien Balroris (a.k.a. The Shadow Wielder)

Of all the members of the Austere Conclave, the Shadow Wielder is perhaps, the most dangerous, if stories are to be believed. One story claims the Wizard summoned a creature from the depths of the underdark to devour an opponent of the council.

The Shadow's Rise

From what I have been able to gather about Castien, he was born outside of Hollowbury somewhere in the Kiadu Wilderness. From records regarding his rulings in certain cases he seems to have very strong opinions against bounty hunters, and individuals who tend to harass or manipulate other individuals.

He came to Hollowbury in 299 with his pregnant wife Sumia, with in a year thier daughter Sarry was born. Records show that while in Primary school Sarry was involved in an incident and which resulted in the Balroris Family having to go before the council at the time. No records could be found regarding the actual trial or visit, but by the next week Castien and five other individuals found themselves sitting on the council with only one of the previous members retaining their seats. No further informtion exists about the previous council members.


Castien Balroris


Towards Sumina Liadi

Sumina Liadi


Towards Castien Balroris

Which organization do you belong to?
Current Location
Year of Birth
150 553 Years old
Sumina Liadi (spouse)

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