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Hollowbury has really dived into trying to integrate these new technology into the magic that they've been using for ages. While the residents are anxcious to learn about the technology they still seem hesitant to allow humans, and even some half-humans access to magic. I have noticed that those that do show promise in the field of magic are watched over far more critically.

If the rest of Milleadh is like Hollowbury I fear there maybe very little chance for us to reintegrate into the rest of society.

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by MandoMc Designs

I've been in Hollowbury for a couple month's now and the general attitude of the citizens hasn't improved. While here I've gathered what I could regarding the history of the city and discovered a piece of parchment hidden in a journal.

The city has survived some pretty harrowing things since 533. I attempted to find the entrances in any of the buildings and were unable. Almost as if they were erased from the memory of the city. Which I find strange.

Just last week we awoke to find guards missing the southern gate broken down. Given the destruction that occurred at the town of Sicagum several months ago, I have noticed the guards are a bit more on edge. Even some of the town citizens have pitched in to guard the gates at night.


For being in the forest the city has a large agriculture industry, many crops are grown outside of the city, and they seem to be one of the main supplies of wood to Eaglebrand and other locations in the Dragonfire Lands. I believe they can keep their industry up because of the large number of magic users in the city.

Apart from the shops throughout the city there is a main market square to the South West where traveling merchants and those that do not have the down-payment for a shop set up their stalls. You can frequently find a random vendor stall through the city, though. I've noticed a pretzel merchant whose stall frequently moves since he can never seem to pay for the premium space in the market square. Perhaps that's why he lost his last cart?

Compared to the nightlife in the city is pretty mild during the day. Between the dark markets, named because they don't open until sunset, and the opening of many curiosities shops, the city truly comes to life at night. Many inns, taverns and other shops are quiet during the day, and have more staff for the dark market hours. Great, if you don't need a lot of sleep but for those of us who are human, it's a pain in the neck to get adequate sleep.


The Mage's Guild seems to fight to include humans and half humans, and given the number of elaborate feasts, Guild Leader Madris Fayra seems to hold that include the Mages in the government their fight seems to work. I still see some anti-human sentiments throughout the city, but not nearly as much as when I got here.

One of the biggest opponents of humans and half humans having a greater role in the city seems to be Startos Jovalur, the leader of the entertainers guild. He's always bumbling about the need to uphold ancient traditions and dragons. I've even heard one of his speeches when he said that all the local humans should just be fed to the dragon that's been "spotted" in the Dragonfire lands.


A group of mages called The Austere Conclave controls at the moment the city. They work with the city watch to maintain order, and though the occasional theft and mild violence have happened, nothing has been so severe that they needed to expand past a minimum city watch.

by MandoMc Deisigns via Midjourney


The city sits in a cleared out section of the Kiadu Wilderness, a large subtropical forest on the edge of the Dragonfire lands. Slopping foothills lead from the Dragonfire Lands to the coast.  

Special Features

  • Hot Springs: 4.03 miles north
  • Amber Encased Creatures: 2.74 miles northeast
  • Ancient Temple: 1.32 miles west

  • Districts

    • Courthouse
    • Public Records
    • Seat of the Austere Conclave
    • Treasury
    • The Raging Seeker Scribes and Clerks
    • The Titan's Furniture - organization affiliation
    • Gibelina's Mutton- favoritism
    • Grumpy Owlbear Hiring Shop Brutes & Brawlers
    • Baker
    • Butcher
    • General Store
    • Smithy
    • Tailor
    • Weaver Important Person
    • Magic Shop:books excellent offerings
    • Rare Libartions & Fare
    • Yoshiko's Furry Friends
    • Archives/Library
    • Kremerra
    • Magical Armor Shop
    • Magical Clothing shop
    • Arcane Academics Help
    • Tavern - meeting place
    • Artist
    • Rare Botanicals
    • Bank & Exchange
    • Tailor
    • Artist
    • Cobbler
    • Magic Shop - Miscellaneous & Curiosities
    • Barber - Entertaining Service
    • Alchemist - organization affiliation
    • General Store
    Slums outside the city
    • Butcher
    • House of Leisure
    • Vigorous Helm (Inn)
    • The Bored Rat Tavern
    • Soothsayer -nearby curiosity
    • Baker
    • Smithy
    • Smithy
    • Foundry
    • Wainwright
    • Cooper
    • General Store

    Notable Citizens

    Bryn Murden
    Inventor could mix some of the new technology with magic to create a speaker that produces the Thaumaturgy like magic for events. Various music groups have used it successfully at last month's fair.
    Captain of the City Watch Using his shifter abilities has assisted Zot in helping to keep crime at a minimum in the city.

    Natural Resources

    • Metamorphic: Quartzite and Marble
    • Sedimentary: Laterite and Salt
    • Metals: Manganese
    • Precious: Emerald
    • Leafy: Spinach
    • Marrow: Pumpkin
    • Stem: Celery
    • Warm Seasons: Sorghum and Proso Millet
    • Cool Seasons: Barley
    • Food: Sorghum, Proso Millet, and Barley
    • Animal Feed: Sorghum and Barley
    Utility Crops
    • Fiber: Jute
    Stone Quarries
    Rock Pit
    • Gathers Marble
    • 42 workers
    • Gathers Laterite
    • 62 workers
    Ore Mines
    Shaft Mine
    • Gathers Manganese
    • 120 workers
    Lumber Camps
    Woodcutter's Camp
    • Gathers Eucalyptus
    • 31 workers
    Lumber Camp
    • Gathers Sandalwood
    • 37 workers
    Woodcutter's Camp
    • Gathers Hickory
    • 23 workers
    Flora and Fauna
    • Livestock: Ameraucana (Chicken) and Adaptur (Cattle)
    • Prey: Squirrels, Mice, and Antelope
    • Predators: Leopard
    • Aquatic: Trout, Trout, Basa, and Catfish
    • Trees: Chestnut, Hickory, Sandalwood, and Eucalyptus
    • Grass: Pampas Grass, Oat Grass, and Grey Fescue Grass
    • Shrubs: Lentil Plant, Black Chokeberry, Aloe Vera, Tomato Plant, and Bean Bush
    • Moss: Baby Tooth Moss and Tamarisk Moss
    • Vines: Staff Vine, Pea Vine, and Cross Vine

    Articles under Hollowbury

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    What a truly lovely article! The details you added really bring it to life without overloading the page with information. Am I correct in assuming that the discussions are by your players from a TTRPG game?

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    They are not currently by my players, though if my players took over their characters they could certainly respond to them. I think I'm going to use discussion boards going forward to document plot hooks and happenings throughout the city. So they will probably be showing up more, which I'm not upset about. :)

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