Ilgre Kudo

Ilgre is a complete and utter oaf. Here we are running this inn and he would rather spend his time out tending to the animals. Barely even talks to the ladies.
— Atsu

Ilgre works for and with his cousin Atsu at the Vigorous Helm in Hollowbury's outskirts. Working at the inn was the only job he could obtain with his conviction and subsequent 3 years in jail doing hard labor.


Ilgre mostly keeps to himself, not saying much around other people unles someone is purchasing something from him. He is very detail oriented and careful with things around the inn. His quite nature makes him good with the various mounts that he sells or rents to inn patrons.

While Atsu is Ilgre's cousin, there is no love lost between the two, and for the right price Ilgre will divulge information on Atsu.

Which organization do you belong to?
Current Location
Current Residence
Vigorous Helm
Ruled Locations
Half Elf/Orc

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