Vigorous Helm

Located just outside Hollowbury's gates the Vigorous Helm is a general stopping ground for individuals heading into the city from The Spring of Ornaments to the north, Everminster or Mistmoor. The tavern is owned by half-orc Atsu Kudo and runs with the help of his cousin Ilgre.

Guests who enter the inn are greeted with four large tables to dine at in the common room. There is a small garden that individuals can eat at outback if requested. Atsu's office can also be found on the first floor, though only extremely lucky lock picks have been able to break and and uncover his secrets.

by MandoMc Designs via Dungeon Alchemist
by MandoMc Designs via Dungeon Alchemist

Upstairs there are eight bedrooms of various sizes along with three storage closets for patrons to keep gear and such within. Theses bedrooms are most often used for guests that purchase entertainment from Atsu, but for a small fee can be rented out by individuals without needing entertainment.


by MandoMc Designs via MidJourney

Gem & Dee come to the inn daily to grab what they deem as the best coffe in Hollowbury, and pour over some manuscripts together. The ladies ramain here until about noon, at which point they grab some coffee togo, bid their goodbyes to other regular patrons and head back within the city.

Efferic stops in daily both on his way out and on his way back in from hunting in the Wilderness that surrounds Hollowbury. According to Ilgre he's never brought back a catch. Many are starting to wonder what, if anything, he's actually hunting out there.

by MandoMc Designs via MidJourney

by MandoMc Designs



Vigorous Helm

Services you can get from Atsu

Drink5 cp
Food5 sp
Lodging9 sp
Entertainment (common)3 gp
Entertainment (skilled)5gp
Entertainment (unusual)6gp
Items for Purchase

Items from Vigorous Helm

Items you can get from Ilgre

Donkey or mule210 gp/1Common
Horse, Riding190 gp/1Common
Pony136 gp/1Common
Axe Beak161 gp/1Uncommon
Warhorse1481 gp/1Uncommon
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Vigorous Helm

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