Niossae Morynore

Niossae was born while her parents traveled the outer planes. As eldest of six, Niossae was drawn towards the arcane early in her life. She spent her first 14 years in the outer planes with her parents until they made the decision to return to Milleadh. It was shortly after their return to Milleadh that Niossae got lost in a forest, and was found by a hedge wizard, who began to teach her the fundamentals of arcane magic.

Niossae began to study the arcane in earnst, blowing through the available tutors in Bellville, and seeking further tutorage in Hollowbury. Learning what she could from tutors in the city she ventured out to find another teacher. Without meaning to she stumbled into the den of a dragon, and remained there for a month.

My time with Oakio wasn't horrible. For a dragon he was rather quite. I first learned about him while staying at the Spring of Ornaments. He was a lovely individual, until the Felforce came. They slaughtered him one morning while I was gathering provisions from a traveling merchant. In my fury I killed several of them while two escaped, swearing revenge. Well let them come. To kill a dragon in their sleep, can be a good strategy, but Oakio was a gold dragon who helped protect Kiadu Wilderness.
— Niossae

In a rare show of magical fortitiude Niossae was successfully able to complete the dual on her first try and join the Conclave without working as a Magenti.

Which organization do you belong to?
Lawful Neutral
Current Location
Year of Birth
629 74 Years old
outer realms
Aligned Organization

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