Purfect Catpachino

The Purfect Catpachino is a small cafe situatated in Hollowbury's Botanical District. The cafe serves a variety of coffee's and teas along with small sides from 0900 - 1730. The Catphchino, as it is commonly known to locals is also infamous for serving as a safe-haven for many of the city's cat's. Lucky, the owner's cat, leads the clowder of cat's and will frequently speak with select patrons if they offer the right enticement.


Sumina Liadi is a frequent patron of the Catpachino, particularly when her daughter is in town.

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Purfect Catpachino Menu

Menu ItemAmount
Green Tea5 cp
Mint Green Tea8 cp
Whiskey Tea2 sp
Black Coffee1 sp
Late5 sp
Cookies1 sp
Tea Cakes2 sp
Cupcakes2 sp
Brownies2 sp
Which organization do you belong to?
Pub / Tavern / Restaurant
Parent Location


Brus - owner of the Catphchino. Despite his rugged appearance he is know throughout the district as being a massive softie, unless an animal has been injured. He is very popular with the children of the city.

Nort - a barista who is known to make stellar coffee drinks, and will often make a daily specials.

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