Paradise Botanicals

Paradise Botanicals is Hollowbury's premier Flower and Herb shop, serving the city since 567. The Strand family took over the shop in 650 after apprenticing with the last owner who passed away with no children. Sitting on the main market square makes Paradise Botanicals the most popular flower shop and herbalist in the city.

Since taking over from her mother in 693, Athena has expanded the options available while training her only son Finias to take over the shop when he comes of age.

The shop now hosts twice the weight in dried herbs, while not neglecting the fresh cut flowers obtained from local farmers. The most popular flowers in the shop include the variety of Hydrangea plants whose colors routinely change due to the frequent saltings the city experiences.



Paradise Botanicals Flowers

Hydrangea (potted)4 pots25 sp/potcommon
Roses54 stems5 cp/stemcommon
Hydrangea (cut)47 stems5 cp/stemcommon

Paradise Botanicals Items

Bur of mayweed8 lb13 sp / 2 lbCommon
Christle11 lb20 sp / 4 lbCommon
Common tree7 lb2 sp / 2 lbCommon
Commond3 lb24 sp / 1 lbCommon
Damandroom7 lb17 sp / 2 lbCommon
Dog’s gillife3 lb1 sp / 2 lbCommon
Peppers11 lb7 sp / 3 lbCommon
Petalks3 lb14 sp / 1 lbCommon
Pod sage5 lb13 sp / 3 lbCommon
Rockeyed inkber8 lb13 sp / 2 lbCommon
Son polet cap13 lb24 sp / 4 lbCommon
Spiken jerush4 lb12 sp / 2 lbCommon
Spongy flow roothwort9 lb13 sp / 3 lbCommon
Straved hone3 lb15 sp / 2 lbCommon
Tobacco7 lb3 sp / 3 lbCommon
Willia bee toes12 lb21 sp / 4 lbCommon
Garge3 oz21 gp / 1 ozRare
Neckle3 oz72 gp / 1 ozRare
Soldi4 oz56 gp / 1 ozRare
Curvy graskato3 lb46 sp / 1 lbUncommon
Lack ragwormwoody3 lb67 sp / 2 lbUncommon
Latalks3 lb44 sp / 1 lbUncommon
Radican connorth garge5 lb31 sp / 2 lbUncommon
Smellebore8 lb45 sp / 2 lbUncommon
Vipe-weed5 lb32 sp / 2 lbUncommon
White bird’s slimbin3 lb31 sp / 1 lbUncommon

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Paradise Botanicals

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