Doctor Amnu Sachin (Am-new Say-chin)

Records about the birth of Amnu Sachin, are vague at best, but according to her she was born on the road, to a traveling doctor and her alchemist husband. Amnu's mother died in childbirth with her second child. Mr. Sachin remarried several years later and proceeded to have five more children with his second wife who was also a doctor.

Amnu and several of her siblings trained under their mother in medicine while others trained under their father in alchemy. Even with the training she recieved from her mother it wasn't until the family visited the Ironwing Mines on Alargon that Amnu felt the calling of the Protector of Forge and decided to devote her life to helping families. She left the safety of her family to study in both Silvermouth and Ironlock.

It is believed that a mix of genie magic and the proxmity to the Dragon Flame lantern are what led Amnu to transition into a Fire Genasi in 700. The transition was difficult for her and she only survied due to Doctor Jackard.

Which organization do you belong to?
Year of Birth
682 21 Years old

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