Doctor Cydnie

Doctor Sydnie Cydnie

Like many doctors in Hollowbury Dr Cydnie does not deal in humans. So when a human is brought to him by an elf, a human, a salt genasi, and a water ganasi, Doctor Cydnie does what any "good" doctor would do. He helps her to the best of his ability, using all of his technical and magical make her less human. Because who would really want to be a human right?

Dr Cydnie is known throughout the city as a man with not the best intentions. People taken to him have a tendency to not return to the waking world as they were, if they return at all.

As a presumed envoy for the Unseen, many guards acknowledge the dark workings of the doctor and several of his colleagues in the city. Even knowing the dubious nature of the doctor, guards are required to investigate missing persons with whom he has been involved, on the off chance that the doctor be innocent of association with the unsavory group.

Magical practitioners in the area are aware of a unique and illegal tattoo of stasis that is frequently used in the doctor's vicinity, however they have never been able to prove the doctor has this tattoo.

Mental characteristics

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