Doctor Kildush Jackard

Born in Mafeld to wealthy parents Doctor Kildush Jackard wanted for next to nothing growing up. Being the only Dragonborn family in the city, the family were a bit of an oddity, but well loved. Growing up, the eldtest of ten children, Kildush quickly took on responsibilities that were not necessarily his to take on.


When he was old enough to apprentice, he quickly sought out the cities medical guild and applied to learn the medicinal trade from the learned people of the city. After completing his initial training and spending some time in the field, Kildush decided that he wanted to specialize a bit more and work on more serious cases. He had to leave the city and travel to Manaspell where he studied surgery under renowned Doctor Frank Stein. After his training under Dr. Stein was finished, he returned to Mafeld to help the citizens of the city.

The Unseen

It is unclear exactly how it happened, but somehow the good doctor ended up in the clutches of The Unseen. It was shortly after this time that the Doctor was accused of killing his mother, which we believe to have been his initiation into the organization. Before a proper investigation could be completed, the Doctor fled Mafeld, and made his way to Hollowbury in 701.


The doctor has made a name for himself as a premire surgen, and one of the few doctors in the city that will treat humans if they need it.

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Character Location
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Year of Birth
662 41 Years old
Aligned Organization

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