Lilbi Turribes

Lilbi is the second oldest member of the Austere Conclave, and acts as a intermeditary betwen the Entertainment Guild and the Mage's Guild. Lilbi works hard with the enetertainment guild to help keep Hollowbury in good spirits.

Early Years

Lilbi was the eldest of five children, and grew up with her father and a very loving step-mother. As a young child she saw a bard perform some creation magic with her parents and knew then and there that was what she was meant to do. In her late teen years she attracted the attention of a master of Creation Magic from Estraenwerry, Institute of the Arcane and earned a scholarship to the school. Upon her return to the city she joined the entertainers guild and worked with the local theaters.


After being wrongly accused for murder in 550 Lilbi made the decision to try for a seat on the Conclave. Unsuccessful, she became a member of the Magenti, and dualed 20 more times over the course of 100 years before finally earning a seat in 668.

During her tenure as a Magenti Lilbi was in many battles working to protect the Menait Dynasty. While she walked away with her life, one battle left her badly injured with scars on her hands and lower arms. She wears these scars with pride and many people in the city, along with throughout the dynasty are seen frequently thanking her for her service.

Asteure Conclave

Lilbi spens most of her days working to strength the connection between the Mage and Entertain Guild. Lilbi holds some resentment towards Startos Jovalur, particularly regarding his treatment of half-humans. She is a strong supporter of all entertainers getting their time in the limelight, reglards of species.

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405 298 Years old
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