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Estraenwerry, Institute of the Arcane

by MandoMc Designs via MidJourney

Located in Hoarthoft Circle, Estraenwerry servers as a beacon in the City of Light, calling the magically gifted from all over Milleadh, and serving as a training ground for those who hold the possibility of becoming an elemental.

Purpose / Function

To train young elementals and magic users in the arcane arts and proper uses of their powers. Over the years the school as eveolved into teaching all sorts of practioners of magic and producing some of the best magical craftsmen the world has seen. Archmages like Geti, have added to the school's popularity.


The school has undergone many upgrades since it's construction.  Queen Nightshade Birdbriar suggested the addition of a Shadow section to represent the Winter Fae Court and Necromantic magic of Formaris after the Siege of Crereht.


Each aspect of the architecture was carefully chosen by not only the master craftsmen of the world but also the magical leaders of the time to represent the entirety of the magical world.  Special stone was brought in from each of the four elemental planes, the iron gates were forged by titans in the Felspire Mountains.  Adamantine from Hell and Mytherial from the Stern Abyss were brought in and delicately crafted into many of the school's crests and ornamental decorations.

The school is made up of seven distinct areas, one for each of the six elements, and one for general magics.

The School of Spirit Magic

The School of Shadow Magic

The School of Fire Magic

The School of Water Magic

The School of Earth Magic

by MandoMc Designs via MidJourney

The School of Air Magic


by MandoMc Designs (via Artflow)

The school was originally conceived by the Fae Queen and Sprit Elemental Amaltheia Poplarwhisk in -430. Land just outside the Elemental city of Passen was set aside for the construction, but it never happened. In -425 when Queen Amaltheia arrived in Baypool for a meeting with Dorthone's leaders, it was decided that the school would be built here, an area that many across the world would have access to.

Construction of the school took 5 years, and the magic of many different mages, Fairies, and elementals.  Each represented in the construction.  While various materials are used throughout the building, each has been purposefully enchanted and carved to give the school's unique atmosphere.

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