The Devout Wrung Stormguard

The Devout Wrung Stormguard (a.k.a. Grand Orc)

For some people being a member of the Austere Conclave is their life goal, for Wrung it was expected. Wrung won his seat on the Conclave from his adoptive father in the year 677. Wrung is one out of two people never challenged for their council seat, as he is well loved by the city.


Wrung is very helpful and seems to be pleased to meet everyone he comes across. A frequent helper in the various temples, and the city's orphanage, Wrung likes to keep busy and make sure people feel welcome in the city. He is often one of the first people to show up when assistance is requested by the Conclave.

Early days

Wrung was born in the conclave headquarters to an Elven Magneti. Due to complications she did not survive the birth. He was adopted by Hanz Stormguard, a friend of Wrungs birth mother, and council member. Wrung had a very modest upbringing, attending local schools and then apprenticing under his father.

The most important lesson my father taught me was to always give back. We only kept as much as we needed to survive, and the rest was given to the city and various charities. There's no reason to keep it, we can't take it with us and the Raven Queen will only judge us by our deeds, not our wealth.


As a young adult Wrung escaped almost certain death, which is how he got his iconic scar on his face. Stationed at The Ancestral Tower creatures emerged out of the Kiadu Wilderness, and attacked a visiting group of school children. Wrung and the other Magenti at the tower successfully defended the children, and at the loss of several Magenti, Wrung was able get some divine intervention, and beat back the creatures.

Wrung is very quick to make friends and has many throughout the city. In particular the children of the city's orphanage love "Grandorc Wrung" as they often refer to him.

Before the Conclave

Life before the Conclave does not exist for Wrung. Before he took his father's chair in 677, Wrung worked as a Magenti, serving the Conclave throughout Menait Dynasty. Wrung spent several years stationed at the Ancestral Tower where he practiced not only his magic but also developed a stronger religious practice earning him the name "The Devout".

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Taking the seat

There are those who believe Wrung's defeat of his father Hanz was orchestrated to keep the seat in the family. The elder Stormguard had not been beaten, even by more seasoned contenders. When the dual comencened it is said that Hanz didn't seem to be trying like he did with other contenders.

Shortly aver Hanz' defeat at the hand of his son it was revealed that Hanz was deathly ill and wished to live out the remainder of his days as a private citizen.

The Conclave

After taking his father's seat, Wrung continued to carry on his father's work, and expanded it to include the orphanage. Wrung was instremental in increaing the number of Magenti in the Dynasty, to help protect it's scitizens.

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