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Kiadu Wilderness

The Kiadu Wilderness is the name of the woods on the Western front of Menait Dynasty. The woods hold many mysteries, but also have proven to be a decent defense against the wandering eye of the Icraiba Empire.


The woods start on sea level and follow the incline to the first step of the Dragonfire Lands on Hellonde.

Amber Encased Creatures

The forest is home too many strange creatures that are encased in amber shells. These creatures break free from their shells seemingly at random, attacking people throughout the wilderness, and sometimes even destroying villages. These creatures have been described as creatures of pure madness, some even going as far as saying that they simply cannot be from our plant. Others have simply been unable to recall what these creatures look like. Sadly, everyone who has seen the creatures in question have succumb to wounds in the encounter shortly they're after.

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Here on Milleadh, large beasts roam and magic is an everyday part of life, which makes travel across the vast planet easier. From the land of the elementals to the fozen continent of St Anvil Agent's don't forget to check out the known dragon territories as documented by Malase Beran.

Unique Flora and Fauna

Kraki Leaves
Found along the edges of the crevices on the first step of the Dragon Fire lands, the leaves grow best in caverns or crevices that have access to the sunlight.

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a sage like plant with deep purple red leaves. The plant seems to be along the western edge of the forest in the red woods of the Dragonfire Lands.
a plant characterized by the citrine yellow berries and small oblique leaves.
Dodo Heron
a medium bird with short feathers long legs and a rounded by sharp beak. Dodo Heron's do not fly and instead use their long legs to quickly and silently run after their prey.

by MandoMc Desgins

a deep aqua blue flower with three rows of peatles.
Pear-dotted Roebuck
a small deer, with a greenish grey fur. Found in the areas around the Spring of Ornaments.
a wild food that is identified by the fluffy golden yellow fur like tuffs coming out of the leaves.
Zebu Gorilla
a humped back gorilla with drooping ears. They are found on the western edge of the forest and frequently travel to the Icraiba Empire.

Important Landmarks


Travel throughout the Wilderness is frequent, and done along the many roads connecting the settlements of Everminster , Mistmore, Spring of Ornaments, Hollowbury, The Ancestral Tower, and Bellville. Traders frequently travel the route, and may occasionally offer to take individuals with them in exchange of money or protection.


Travel without an experienced guide is recommended to be kept along the known roads throughout the wilderness, mainly because of the shattering of the amber crystals scattered throughout the forest.

Traveling parties should be kept small to avoid drawing too much attention, and fires should not remain lit at night if camping is necessary.


There have been several reported spottings of Minotaurs throughout the eastern side of the forest.
Great Elk
large elk have roamed the forest, often time following the road looking for scraps left by traders and adventurers. Elk can often draw carts through the wilderness.
these small predators like to hide within the trees close to the roads, awaiting travelers who wander away from the beaten path.
Insectoids of Unusual size
giant ants, mosquitos, grasshoppers, praying mantis'. What makes these creatures so large?

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