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Whispering Wastes

The Northern portion of Formaris contains the lands known as the Whispering Wastes. Much more humid then other parts of the country, the Wastes serve as home to many skeletal undead. To some the Whispering Wastes, known as the Wastes for short to locals, is considered safer then other parts of Delesia, so long was you know the terrain, and what to look out for.


Unique Flora and Fauna

Star Dust Fern
a glowing, eerie looking fern with the ability to neutralize toxins in the air

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Skeletal Wyvern
a large, dragon-like creature with a skeletal body and razor sharp claws.

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a tall, spindly plant with a gnarled stem and wispy leaves, known to sap the life force of any living creature that touches it.

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a thorny vine with sharp, bony thorns that can even pierce through armor.

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Carcass Hopper
an insect-like creature that feeds off the corpses of other creatures.

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Bone flake plant
a strange skeletal looking plant with sharp angular leaves that are pale-yellow-white. The plant has a thick, waxy coating that helps protect it from the harsh environment. It is slightly luminescent, giving it an eerie look in the darkness.

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The whispering wasts has three rivers that flow out to the Unknown Depths and the King Depths. Along the banks of the rivers and shore of the Wastes is where the Carcass Hopper typically preys's taking advantage of any fish or wildlife thaty may wash ashore.

Here on Milleadh, large beasts roam and magic is an everyday part of life, which makes travel across the vast planet easier. From the land of the elementals to the fozen continent of St Anvil Agent's don't forget to check out the known dragon territories as documented by Malase Beran.

Important Landmarks

The Crumbling Ruins
The remains of a great city that was destroyed in a mystical disaster, said to contain powerful secrets
The Bone Garden
a mysterious garden tended by Naomi Gadust a skeletal Necromancer that ensures those who choose to rest there are not disturbed.
Tower of Shadow
a large tower made of dark stones. Is said to be an entrance to the Shadowfel


Traveling through the wastes is no more dangerous then traveling throught he Orchid Woods in the Repulic of Scrolls or the Blane Woods in Dorthone. In fact many would say that traveling through the wastes is actually much safer so long as you don't fall asleep along the banks of a river or the shoreline.

There are several main roads and secondary roads through the wastes leading to villages and from the shore to the Sunless Jungle and up to Undar. Many denizens of the Wastes have advised that so long as you stick to the roads, you should be free of the dangers of the Witherweed, and Bone Briar.


When traveling through the Wastes it is recommended that you stick to the designated roads to avoid run in's with the Witherweed and Bone Briars which can blend in with other fauna in the region. Both of these plants can be quite dangerous to those with flesh.

If you can remove your skin and muscle safely it's highly recommended you do so if you wish to explore the Wastes properly.


Skeletal People
Those individuals that have aggred to be risen again, and have decided that they wish to retire, or even just take a vacation. The wastes offers the perfect location as many of the natural wild-life have no affect on them.
Skeletal horses
Faster than normal horses, the skeletal counter parts are viscious when bothered during certain parts of the day. It is highly recommended that they be left alone by individuals not trained in their proper handling.

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