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Spring of Ornaments

Riding up on your horse you feel the cool breeze. As you look towards the hot springs, you take notice of the fog wafting your way, obscuring your view of the springs. The lodge is quite, as the wind chimes play a soothing melody, and people seem to be relaxing in the various pools. You've waited month's for this, your first trip to the springs, at their first available opening. Dismounting from your horse you take note of the large lodge house, basked in a golden glow from the setting sun, and notice the lanterns start to light on the porch.

Nestled in the Kiadu Wilderness the springs are a frequent stopping point for trade from Everminster, Mistmoor and Hollowbury. A grove of warm pools surrounded by trees that grow crystals, the spring is known throughtout the continent for it's healing properties and the eerie and calming melody the crystals produce.


There are currently 13 springs/pools of various sizes located in the clearing, with new ones popping up every couple of years. The location, and subsequent retreat/lodge get it's name from the crystals produced on the trees around the pools. At both sunset and sunrise the light shining through the crystals on the trees bask the spring various prisms of light.

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The Pools

The pools contain a beautiful cyan blue water. They are known across Hellonde as having mystical healing properties which attract people from across the three kingdoms.

A new pool is known to spring up every couple years, generally only big enough for a person or two to sit in at first. As time progresses the pools tend to get larger. Sometimes multiple existing pools will combine.

The Crystals

Apart from only growing on trees around the springs, and producing beautiful prisms the crystals have been known to resonate at a frequency that visitors often describe as eerie, beautiful and calming. The purpose of the resonating seems to only be known by members of the order of The Anvil.

by MandoMc Designs

by MandoMc Designs


Many who have come to the springs for healing remark that sitting in the pools at sunset or sunrise provide additional benefits and often make them feel even better. The prisms produced by the various crystals all seem to have a different effect. The larger rose colored crystals produce a very vibrant prism, while the larger cerulean crystals seem to produce a much softer often missed prism.

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Spring of ornaments
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Map of the Spring of Ornaments as produced by an Agent of the Anvil.

Controlling Interests

There are two main groups vieing for control of the Springs. The Anvil and the CEIE.

Right now the springs are controlled by the Menait Dynasty. The lodge which has room for about 100 guests, along with rooms for the employees and their families, is owned and operated by Ismere Fasalor.


For years now the CEIE has been trying to control and monitize the springs. They have sent various subsidiary group in to attempt to undermine and even kill Ismere and any individuals loyal to the Dynasty. Each failure is said to have infurriated the CEIE who seem to want the springs as a way to launder their money, amoung other things.

The Anvil

The Anvils' goal is to keep the springs out of the hands of the CEIE, and preserve it's natural beauty. As such, it is rumored that several of the Springs employess are actually Agents of the Anvil who have thwarted the CEIE's many attempts to take it over.

Scientific & Magical Successes

With crystals from the Spring of Ornaments having been procured by individuals from each of the three largest organizations, scientists and magic weilders alike have attempted to recreate the healing properties of the pools. Rumor has it that there have been several successes at the recreation, but records are unavailable to determine which organization has achieved this. Given the lack of proof, and the rumors circulating it is widely believed that the successes come from the group that refers to themselves as the @Heist.

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