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From what information has been gathered, the reason a governor directly appointed by the Dynasty ruled the town is because of a powerful secret society having opperated in the now ghost town. We believe that the previous inhabitants of the area were the ones to discover the Dragon Flame Lantern, and the Dynasty took it by force a couple hundred years ago. After killing most of the habitants, and government officials, the Dynasty appointed a governor and renamed the town to Sicagum.

The town became more like a penal colonoy then any other area of the Menait Dynasty. With the govornor's totalarian power, citizens were each appointed a position within society and expected to fulfil those duties. Failure to do so was often met with strict physical punishments, or straight death. All of this was done in the name of protecting the dynasty and ensuring that no one tried to ake the Dragon Flame Lantern from the current holders. It didnt' take long before the people of Sicagum forgot they were the origional holders of the Lantern and the power it possessed, but every 10 years like clockwork, a new Governor was sent to the town to ensure compliance and keep the people in line.

According to accounts told in Hollowbury, in the year 700, creatures adorned with amber shards emerged from the Wilderness attacking the city. Few could escape the slaughter, and later succumbed to their wounds in Hollowbury. Months later a single young man arrived in Hollowbury, saved by a woman named Nan that has since disappeared.


The town could never grow large enough to have a predominant industry in any one area. However, the town's herbalist could help bring people in because of her ability to use Alite and Strufdequin in a potent healing potion. This potion was often purchased to help manage the symptoms of Spooky Stool Syndrome, until an individual can be found to cure the disease.


a governor appointed directly by the ruler of the Menait Dynasty ruled the town of Sicagum. They gave the governor absolute power over the town and its people. While the citizens of Sicagum weren't miserable, they knew that they could have had a better life, instead of everyone having to play their part as directed by the governor.


The town is located just within the bounds of the Kiadu Wilderness on the road from Silvercrest to Hollowbury. Most of the town blended in with the wilderness, taking advantage of the tall trees, and existing ground cover.

Special Features

  • Ghost Town: 3783 feet southeast
  • Hot Springs: 1.18 miles north
  • Enchanted Grove: 4797 feet southeast
  • Ruined Fortress: 1398 feet southwest

Points of Interest

Non-Commercial Locations
  • Dance Hall
  • Sanctuary to Water Elemental
  • Gathering Hall
  • General Store
  • Smithy
  • Butcher
  • Herbalist
  • Inn
  • Tavern
  • Caravan and Mount
  • Stable
  • Club
  • Bathhouse

Natural Resources

  • Metamorphic: Slate
  • Sedimentary: Sandstone and Limestone
  • Minerals: Calcium
  • Metals: Lead and Cobalt
  • Semi-Precious: Agate
  • Root: Yam and Sweet Potato
  • Warm Seasons: Barnyard Millet and Foxtail Millet
  • Cool Seasons: Teff
  • Food: Barnyard Millet, Foxtail Millet, and Teff
  • Animal Feed: Barnyard Millet
Lumber Camps
Lumber Camp
  • Gathers Elm
  • 5 workers
Woodcutter's Camp
  • Gathers Oak
  • 5 workers
Flora and Fauna
  • Livestock: Brahma Chicken and Awasi (Sheep)
  • Prey: Mice and Giraffe
  • Predators: Komodo Dragon
  • Aquatic: Sardine, Bombay Duck, and John Dory
  • Trees: Orange Tree, Elm, Boxwood, and Oak

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