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Hells Gate

Hells Gate is a River that cuts through the Golden Kingdom of Bacon, the mout of which helps mark the boundary beteen Bacon and Elegron. The river starts up by the city of Nilbadah, and empties out in the Blue Gulf.

Unique Flora and Fauna

Hells Bloom
a deep purple 9 pettled flower. Each stem holds precisly 12 throns and two leaves.
Blood drip
a beautiful crimson flower that has seven drip like flowers on each stem. The flowers grow in bushes along the start of the river outside of Nilbadah. It is belived that this has something to do with the large collection of vampires and dhamphir in the city of Nilbadah.
a pure white flower that when smelled alters the mental state of the person. The flower can be used in various potions, and is a favorite of guards to help persuade individuals to tell the truth.
a posionus flower that is used by certain beings from the 9 hells to subdue individuals and convince them to return to the hells with them. These individuals are often then sold on the black market to be slaves of fiends and devils.
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Here on Milleadh, large beasts roam and magic is an everyday part of life, which makes travel across the vast planet easier. From the land of the elementals to the fozen continent of St Anvil Agent's don't forget to check out the known dragon territories as documented by Malase Beran.

Important Landmarks

the city at the start of the river. Within the city there is a portal that one can be sacrificed at to go and have lunch with the Overlord of Hell.
Blue Gulf
The mouth of the river. Boats must enter the Blue Gulf to make their way to the Capital City of Port Raidant.


Travel down the river is gnerally fairly easy, despite it's name. Due to the shallower areas of the river, special boats with large paddled wheels on the end are necessary for travel. It takes roughly 3 days to travel from Nilbadah to Port Radiant via one of the River boats. As such, there are four main boats on rotation.

Boats make stops in Nilbadah, Port Raiant and Astrabridge. While travel to Tarsal City is achivevable by boat, it is often done over land from Port Radiant, unless a large shipment is set to arrive, at which point a barge makes it way along the river to Tarsal City.

Travel from Port Radiant to Nilbadah: 50 gp

Travel from Port Raidant to Astrabridge: 30 gp

Travel from Astrabridge to Nilbadah: 30 gp

Round trip from Port Raiant to Nilbadah: 90gp

Weekly travel pass: 650gp

Boat captain and crews are not responsible for lost or stollen luggage. All hands, feet, wings, children and familiars should be kept within the boat, and are the responsibility of of the owner, not the boat crew or captian.


Shell Fish & Crustatians

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