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Famous for their bi-annual Festival of the painted pig, the town of Bedale sets to the South east of the Adamant Spires. The town is known for it's prosperous bacon exports, and for being a town predominately of half-humans.

Bedale is one of the few towns in the country side with out a wall to help protect it. But that doesn't mean it's easy pickings for want to be theives. The town has various dire pigs that roam the country side, awaiting unwilling victims, in addition to the town guard. There are even rumors of a large red and gold dragon that has been seen patroling the area around the town and the Adamant Spire.

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Founded in 614, as a safe place for multi-raced lovers the town has exprienced slow growth. The town was on the Eastern boarder of the Golden Kingdom of Bacon until the War of Pyresh touched it's boarders in 658. Once the war ended in 659, the town experienced a surge in population as half-humans from the Iron Empire fled the county.


The biggest trade item Bedale has is their pigs. Bedale has become a major supplier of bacon throughout the kingdom. Trade has grown since the establishment of the Pig Festival in 648.

Another important part of the town's economy has been the increase in magic users returning from their time spent in Port Radient's armed forces. Winners of Mr and Mrs' Bedale are granted a scholarship by the Hiest Clan to travel to Port Radient and study magic from some of the finest magic users in the Golden of Bacon.


Thieves Guild
Currently run by Zolia, who has led the guild for the last 30 years. Any thieves who enter the town have to register with the guild, and are kept under watch.
Mages & Enchanters
These are individuals who have returned home from training in Port Radiant and have decided to carry on the tradition of fine enchantments in the town.


Bedale is currently run by a half tiefling named Roland. There is also a town council who help to handle the various issues around the town from sanitation, to theft. The heads of both guilds retain seats on the council to ensure the guilds continue to beneift the town. The town holds an elections for the other council seats and mayor every four years.


The town sits near the base of the adamant spires and the rolling hill that continue throughtout the contintent.

Special Features

  • Ancient Battlefield: 889 feet northeast
  • Bluff: 1.89 miles southeast
  • Ancient Temple: 1.31 miles east

Favorite Shops

The False Satyr
The town's only Alchemy shop. Is currently under new ownership. While the shop does good business, and is regularly supplied by The Chalice Family, the owners change every couple years.
The Silly Peach
Herbalist shop that specalizes in herbs from the Fae and Shadow realms. It is believed that the owner, Nutmeg, has parents in both realms, but she's never confirmed this rumor.
Fragile Boar
The town's only tavern, right across the street from the inn on the north-western side of town. The tavern is frequently full of regulars and has a wide variety of brews on tap. Entertainment is frequently provided by local beauty Dux, who sings renditions of popular folk songs.

Notable Citizens

Meltrin VIII
Town Priest and healer. Has been on and off the town council over the last 30 years. Has apprently come fact to face with a genie and and a dragon and lived to tell the tale. The Festival of the Painted Pig started because of him.
Half-Orc and the latest winner of Ms. Bedale. He's currently getting ready to go study in Port Radiant and will be leaving at the beginning 704.
Athsarda Holaris
Current head of the Mages guild and member of the town council. Left Port Radiant's military after serving for 10 years.

Natural Resources


  • Igneous: Basalt
  • Metamorphic: Slate
  • Sedimentary: Sandstone and Caliche


  • Minerals: Potassium


  • Semi-Precious: Peridot


  • Warm Seasons: Chia
  • Cool Seasons: Spelt and Triticale
  • Food: Chia, Spelt, and Triticale


  • Leafy: Spinach
  • Marrow: Pumpkin
  • Stem: Celery

Utility Crops

  • Fiber: Hoopvine

Ore Mines

Forage Mining
  • Gathers Potassium
  • 18 workers
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Flora and Fauna

  • Livestock: Chicken, Pigs
  • Prey: Wild Rabbit, Mice, Deer, and Bison
  • Predators: Coyote and Sidewinder
  • Grass: Tall Fescue Grass, Pampas Grass, Tufted Hair Grass, Leafy Reedgrass, and Grey Fescue Grass
  • Shrubs: Blueberry Bush and Lentil Plant
  • Moss: Baby Tooth Moss

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