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Keepers of the Faith, and the souls of those of Aegimius, a priest's job is never truely finished. Responsible for providing comfort for those in pain, for healing the sick, and protecting those they can a Priest is highly regarded in some areas of the world. Any member of the priesthood is responsible to act in a manner according to the tenants of faith of their diety, which is meant to help lead the citizens of the world when they are struggling.


Career Progression

Progression generally follows the following path:


Being an acolyte of a priesthood means studying the particular god or goddess that you are choosing to devote yourself too. This step is necessary for all individuals who which to become a priest.


A cleric has chosen to dedicated them selves to a particular god or goddess and provide aid and other services in their name.


most individuals never wish to or make it past being a priest. Being a priest entails serving their chosen god or goddess and carrying out their tenants of Faith. A priest generally works out of one location, whether that be a particular temple, city, or just an inn on the side of the road to help weary travelers.

2nd to fourth priests

these individuals have spent years training under a high priest to take on the role after the current high priest passes on or retires. Having any of these titles does not entail that an individual will become the next high priest of their order, but it does increase their chances of gaining the title.

High Priest

to become a high priest one must not only carry out the tenants of faith of their particular god or goddess, but they must spend many hours and days studying the teachings and beliefs of the various gods and goddesses associated with their order. They must take up training with a current high priest of a particular order and receive the blessing of the High Priest Council. Even so, there is generally only ever one high-priest/priestess of an order at a time.

Payment & Reimbursement

In addition to room and board, the council of high priests have set a 1 silver piece per day payment for each high priest and a payment of 5 copper a day for each priest.


Social Status

A priest is considered to be a normal class citizen in most of Aegimius, and are generally in high demand in areas were adventurers are frequent, or in areas that may be war-torn.

A high priest is a highly regarded position. Much like being an arch-mage, or a grand master alchemist, there are many who know and respect the dedication that is required to become a high priest. However the dieties or order that the high priest belongs too, can have a large impact on the perception of the high priest in various locations throughout Aegimius.

There are area's of Milleadh, and For Storia, where being a priest is actually looked down upon, because the citizens in that part of the world have either don't believe in the gods, or have a large distaste for them after their earlier actions.



A priest will work whereever necessary, genearlly asocciating oneself with a temple or particular order and working in the area of that order or temple.

Provided Services

Most priests will provide a variety of services, which may include:

  • healing
  • restorations
  • curing diseases
  • wedding or bonding cermonies
  • final rights
  • blessings
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