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Belbolm The Tyrannical Eyebolder of Pomlan


Do you love long nights surrounded by books? Does the smell of old paper just excited you to no end? Me too!

My name is Belbolm and I'm looking to make some new friends to join me for a weekly book club. I'd love to cover the cult classic The Triton Who Could. If interested please join me in the Pomlan Peeks in Elegron. There's an entrance to my lair on the North Eastern side of the tallest peak. Serious inquiries only please.

And could the person who stole my First Edition of The Mitler Prophecies please return that.

— Belbolm


I truely do enjoy a good book, in fact I spend alot of time rearranging my library just so I can find all my favorites. I was so upset when I discovered my copy of the Mitler Prophecies was missing. That was not only a first edition, it was signed by Mitler himself. Do you know how rare that is. Mitler doesn't sign many books, and I'm such a huge fan.
Nothing motivates Belbolm like a good story, so much in fact that he collects stories from various planes of existance.
Which organization do you belong to?

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