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The city of Baypool, affectionality known as the City of Lights, is the capital of Dorthone, the Fae Dominion, and a constant place to step between the Fae Court of the Fae Wilds and the world of Milleadh. It is unknown when this portal between the two planes was first established, but some say that the city was built around it, given the country's very apparent connection to the Fae, and it's wilds.


The city of Baypool is primarily an Elven and Fae city. The citizens of the city are welcoming of other individuals, for the most part, due to the arcane institue located in the city.


The city has five main districts:
  • Fel Wood (slums)
  • Ceec Garden (Coastal)
  • Hoarthoft Circle (Craftsmen)
  • Lurul Market (Merchant)
  • Smalik Center (Administration)

    Hoarthoft Circle is home to the city's most notable campus: Estraenwerry, Institute of the Arcane. The campus is made up of seven very distinct areas, one for each of the six elements, and one for general utilitarian magic. Many students, apprentices, and graduates of the school sell their wares at the weekly craftsmen market held in the square.

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    by MandoMc Designs via MidJourney

    Smalik Center is home to the only known permanant portal between the Fae Court and the world of Milleadh. The portal sits inside the town hall, guarded by two magical assassins.

    Points of interest

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    The biggest draw for much of Baypool is the Arcane Institue that has produced many of Milleadh's master craftsmen and mages during the last 1100 years.


    Buildings in Baypool are made primarily made from adobe, sun dried bricks, and stone. All of the roads in the city are made of cobblestone, and follow the same pattern as they did at the city's founding over 2,000 years ago. Thanks in most part to the magical craftsmenship taught at the school, and the longevity of many of the city's citizens.

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    • Baypool
    Alternative Name(s)
    City of the Lamps
    Inhabitant Demonym
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    Being the world leader in anything can be difficult, but Baypool has made it look easy with the sheer number of magical craftsmen they seem to produce year after year. Though this is in part to the city's main draw, the magical institute, there are those who also say that Fae Magic is at foot in the city. After all the city is not only the capital of the Fae Dominion, but also known as the City of Lamps. And we all know what's attracted to the light.
    — anonymous traveler from the Iron Empire

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