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Sitting along the south eastern coast of Delesia, the city of Erford serves as a beacon, helping ships navigate the difficult Strait of Gordson. Along with it's sister city of Weatun, Erford serves as one of the main operational bases of The Anvil, and helps to facilitate the transport of rare and endangered animals to conservatories.

The city is well known throughout the region for their Crab Dip and Lentil Salad, which individuals flock to get during the hotter months of the year.

Here on Milleadh, large beasts roam and magic is an everyday part of life, which makes travel across the vast planet easier. From the land of the elementals to the fozen continent of St Anvil Agent's don't forget to check out the known dragon territories as documented by Malase Beran.
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Founding Date


Primary Races


Founded in -1327 by Gordson Hoya Erford is the oldest city on Delesia that is not currently in ruins. According to records the city once served as home to the Chaos Eluding Intelligent Entity, but they have since moved on.

Standing atop a hill overlooking the city, Fumonary Manor sits abandoned since 488 when Chadwick Fumonary was found murdered. Rumors say that the manor is currently haunted, though this hasn't been confirmed.


The cities main trade goods revolve around their fisheries, and ore mining. Many local craftsmen have made aggrements with fishermen to get bones, shells, or other materials caught while fishing. The most desirable has been bones which special artisians have been able to carve into instruments, and even some statues. The most popular use though is in a game of Bones and Stones.


Being a member of the guild grants fishermen access to some of the most prime fishing spots along the coast. Members are required to have the guild's symbol on thier boat, or the catch is conficated by the guild.
Bone Carvers
A group of elite craftsmen that have perfected the art of carving the bones brought in from the sea. Joining this guild requires 4 years training under a current member, and the passing of a guild sponsored contest.


Elections are held yearly for key government positions on a rotating basis. In order to be eligible for election one must have completed 5 years of unpaid service to the city, and pay a 1,000 gp petition to the cities treasury. Names are then added to the ballot for positions of Mayor, Head of Treasury, Judge, Education Secretary, and Captain of the Guard.


The city proper sits atop cliffs along the Strait of Gordson to the south. The city is within a days travel of the Forest of Lockemoor to the north. The land between the city wall and the forest is grassy and the perfect spot for hunting some of the local predators like lions.

Special Features

  • Stream: 1.61 km east
  • Haunted Hilltop Manor: 3.74 km west
  • Ruined Temple: 6.94 km east



Notable Citizens

Hanleath Fluffykins
current Mayor of the city. They've held the office for the last 15 years and are extreamly popular with the Fishermen and Bonecarvers guild.

Natural Resources

Igneous: Basalt
Metamorphic: Marble
Sedimentary: Sandstone and Travertine
  • Minerals: Potash, Potassium, and Lye
  • Metals: Chromium
Precious: Ruby
Warm Seasons: Chia
Cool Seasons: Triticale and Oats
Food: Chia, Triticale, and Oats
Animal Feed: Oats
Leafy: Spinach
Root: Beets
Cruciferous: Cabbage
Utility Crops
Oil: Safflower
Stone Quaries
Rock Pit

Gathers Travertine
38 workers

Gathers Sandstone
39 workers
Ore Mines
Open Pit Mine

Gathers Chromium
22 workers
Flora & Fauna
Livestock: Ducks and Afrikaner (Cattle)
Prey: Jackrabbit and Armadillo
Predators: Cougar, Lions, and Sidewinder
Aquatic: Anchovies, Orange Roughy, Sprat, Smelt, Eels, Bream, and Crabs
Grass: Leafy Reedgrass, Cloud Grass, Tall Fescue Grass, and Deergrass
Shrubs: Butterfly Bush, Lentil Plant, and Barberry
Moss: Glittering Wood Moss

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