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The Anvil

The Anvil is one of three groups that operate globally on Milleadh. Publically the purpose of the group is animal conservation, with the group sponsoring many dinosaur, griffin, and unicorn sanctuaries across the planet. And while conservation is one of the groups' major goals, the group also has a more important goal they are working towards.


Headed by a man known only as Dr. Anvil, the group has agents throughout the world who refer to themselves as Agents of the Anvil. While the identity of these agents is not always known it has been confirmed on several accounts that Agents of the Anvil have at least one agent in every major government organization.


Culture is rather relaxed within in the Anvil with a focus on conservation of both the natural aspects of the world and historically relevant items, documents, and even buildings.

It is said that once a month one of the Dinosaur sanctuaries hosts a monthly dinosaur race where Ornithomimosaurs and Velociraptors race to finally determine which is the fastest. No true winner has been found between them yet, which is rather disappointing. But the races are more for fun and community spirit, while allowing the public in to experience the majesty of these mighty beasts.


Currently the Anvil seems to be focused on ensuring the safety of various hunted species including but not limited to the Dinosaurs that inhabit much of Alargon. They have made a great public display of establishing griffon sanctuaries on some of the flying islands above the planet, even going as far as to help reinforce some of the magical and technological protections that have led several of the islands to fall in the last century.

Many Agents of the Anvil have recently been dispatched to Hollowbury and the surrounding area to help the Magneti find the cause of so many people going missing and even dieing. Lyra Genxisys has taken residence in the city and is currently operating as the head liaison between individuals throughout the city, Malachite and Dr. Anvil back at headquarters.

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Member Perks

If a member has been particuarly helpful in the achievement of a goal they may be granted extra perks from the organization. Some of the perks that can be granted by the organization include:

  • Savy Spying: granting the individual advantage on insight and eception checks, and allowing the quick draw of one weapon on it's turn.
  • Natural Immunity: Resistance to natural poisions. If being poisioned by an animal or natural plant, the member has advantage on the saving throw.
  • Animal Protector: When moving to protect or help a hurt animal, roll your animal handling check with advantage

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