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Dr. Anvil

Information about Dr. Anvil's true identity is kept secret, as members of the Chaos Eluding Intelligent Entity would likely kill the Doctor and any family or friends that he/she may have.

From the Secure Anvil Archives

Dr. Anvil created The Anvil at the request of his wife Nette, who wanted nothing more then to protect all the dinosaurs. Loving his wife as he does the got together with a group of individuals and set up the first Dinosaur Sanctuary on Alargon. Realizing just how many dinosaurs there were being hunted throughout the continent multiple sancutuaries were needed.

Around this time Mochi approcahed the Doctor to better understand what was happening due to a reaction with an artifact he found on the island of Mora. Sadly before the Doctor was able to help Mochi, he became petrified. The Doctor keeps Mochi in his lab still trying to find away to unpetrify him.

The Doctor decided then that a group of individuals was needed to help keep these artifacts out of the hands of the normal people. Since the sanctuaries were already run under the name of the Anvil, the Doctor decided to incorporate his desire to find these artifacts under the same name.

Before The Anvil

It is said the Doctor was born on Alargon in Weebluff. While there he began working for a Consortium of inventors and magical creators. With in a couple years he was a member of the consortium and had develped his unique strain of combining technology (both old and new) with the magic of the world.

After learning all that he could from individuals at the Consortium, he set off insearch of other great teachers, learning from anyone whow would teach him. While on the road he eventually corssed paths with a wonderful musician named Nette. They describe it frequently as a whirlwind romance, but it was just the opposite. Over the course of several years they crossed paths, enjoying each other's company and slowly building a friendship that morphed into something more.

Eventually the good doctor and Nette settled down in ██████ where they concieved the initial Anvil Sancutuaries.

Which organization do you belong to?
Year of Birth
650 53 Years old
unknown, he always wears dark glasses
Aligned Organization

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