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Chaos Eluding Intelligent Entity

Chaos's End. Order's Rise.

The CEIE was once a proud organization, determined to help keep the balance between the elementals and the gods. Sworn to keep the balance of nature through causing chaos, madness and destruction as it helped to strengthen magic. Now......Now they are a blight on the planet of Milleadh and everything my father and the founders stood for. One can no more get rid of Chaos, Madness or Destruction, as they can get rid of the elements.


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The exact organizational stucture of the CEIE is unknown, however there are several distinct organzations that have fallen under their umbrella. These organizations include a shadowy organization known as The Unseen, the Order of Chaos, Order of Destruction, Order of Madness. Historically the Orders of Chaos, Madness, and Destruction have been known to fight amoungst themselves, so their association with the CEIE draws the question of the CEIE's strength and unity. If they can't keep control of their subsidaries, how have they become a world power? Is the fighting amoung these subsidaries just an elaborate ploy meant to distract us?

We have descovered that the leader of the CEIE is known only by the name The Harbinger of Eternity. We were unable to gather more information from the prisoner before they committed sucide. We have been unable to locate any individual that goes by this title, which leads us to believe that they may have a powerful wizard keeping them hidden. It is the recommendation of the Heist Clan that any plans to locate this individual proceed with extreme caution.


by MandoMc


The CEIE's main cultural identity is one of secrecy. Everything is closely guarded. Identities of lower ranking members of the organization are only known to direct superiors, with code names being used throughout the organization. Activities and plans are guarded closely ensuring that only trusted individuals have knowledge of various operations, and the purpose of them.

Members are known to be deeply devoted to their cause and have been known to go to extreme lengths, often sacrificing their personal desires and even their own lives to advance the organizations' agenda. Fanaticism and zealous dedication are common traits amoung CEIE members.

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    The CEIE's current primary goal is to completely irradiacte Chaos, Madness and Destruction from the face of Milleadh. This has been their goal since the arrival of the Heist Clan in 216. When the organization was unable to outright destroy the clan through shere power, they began to manipulate public opinion with campaigns meant ot instigate fear and hositility towards the Heist Clan. The CEIE currently considers the Heist Clan, it's members, and any who work with them threats to their own power and objectives.

    After many years, we have finally been able to determine that one of the CEIE's purposes in getting rid of Chaos, Madness, and Destruction, and ultimately the Heist Clan, is so they can, as they claim, "purify magic and restory Hirta to her rightful place as chief of the gods". It is laughable at the least given the claims of the Heist Clan, and the abilities shown by the child


    Record of the CEIE dates back since before the establishment of the Elementals. Though these records are sparce in the knowledge they tell us about the organiztion, it does seem to have started in the City of Passen. Perhaps all of the records were destroyed in the flooding of the city. We may never truely know their origional purpose. One thing is for certain though, they are currently a danger to the entire planet and must be stopped.

    -Agent Eliza

    All things happen in threes. And the history of the Chaos Eluding Intelligent Entity, CEIE for short, has been no different. There are three distinct phases of the organization's history.

    Creation to the Fall of Passen

    While the records of the organization during this time have been lost to the ages, accounts from Hona Keamys, Armond and Cadius Tarakona have helped to establish that the organization was established to do good for Milleadh and the whole of Aegimius. When the planet of For Storia was cut off from magic, and the Gods created the Elementals on Milleadh another organization was necessary to help strengthen Hirta. Thus the CEIE was born, it's purpose to help strengthen the natural chaos, madness and destruction of the world, providing nourishment to the goddess of magic, helping her to regain her strength after the war.

    According to Cadius and Armond leading up to the fall of Passen, the CEIE started to become obsessed with strengthening the Goddess and began to cause chaos, madness and destruction on a much larger scale.

    Fall of Passen to the Destruction of the CEIE

    It became clear after Passen's fall, that the CEIE was emboldened. No longer were the elementals around to keep the organization tenously in line. And over the next 434 years the organiztion got more and more unstable. Libraries were ransacked, cities destroyed, artifacts abused. Accounts indicate that the CEIE were even responsible for the death of several of the Elementals, causing them to go into hiding as well. Eventually enough was enough, and Armond, Cadius, and several other powerful individuals were able to begin destroying the CEIE, both from within and from the outside.

    The Shadow Years

    While many believed that the destruction of the CEIE had been complete, it turns out that several prominent members were unaccounted for, and rebuilt the organization in the shadows. Until the year 216 when the Heist Clan arrived on Milleadh the CEIE hadn't been heard from at all. With the Clan's arrival, however, the CEIE became furious. Government officials across the planet, many whom are now known to have been involved with the CEIE, called for the rounding up of these strangers from another world, fearful of their power and what they represented. When they realized that these inviduals were far to strong to be rounded up and wanted nothing more then to be left alone, they instead began to turn public opinion throughout parts of the world against them. Organizations such as the Orders of Chaos, Madness, and Destruction, started to pop up. Other organizations such as the Unseen, and Society of Anarchy, and the Cult of the Cataclysm are known to be supported by the CEIE though the exact ties between them are unknown.

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    Jul 11, 2023 13:01

    No wonder people wanted them gone after the stuff they started doing. Smart of them to go into hiding though. Interesting read!

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    Jul 11, 2023 13:06 by Amanda McRoberts

    Thank you. I can’t wait to see what happens with this organization going forward. Will they ever get back to their original purpose?

    Aug 18, 2023 18:39

    This is a prime example of dying a hero or living to become the villain, values over time become corrupted when people with good intentions want to improve the world around them. Now they are just another danger to the world they swore to protect. Nicely done writing.

    May you forever find your way on the journey you set out on and make yourself greater.
    The Sagas world cover
    Aug 18, 2023 18:53 by Amanda McRoberts

    Thank you. And 100% agreed on them living to become the villain. Though I have to admit that I'm kinda basing their 7000 year old organization off of one or two that are only 2000 years old, give or take.   I'm curious to see what Hona's arrival will do to the CEIE. They're still not aware of her return. This could prove rather troublesome for the CEIE, but beneficial to my players. How the tides have turned.

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