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Cadius Tarakona

Cadius Tarakona

Biological parent of Fexiah Tarakona

Mental characteristics

Personal history

For as long as many can remember Cadius has been a part of the culture of Kairau. There are many who say that he was there when the first member of the House of Mari took the throne of The Kingdom of Groinsmirth, though many disbelieve this, after all, how can anyone be that old?

In truth it must just be that Cadius comes from a family with strong genes, right?


Contacts & Relations

Cadius has a great relationship with his son Fexiah Tarakona, even though he is rarely seen leaving his manor.

Cadius is good friends with Alynys Chalice, and is therefore affiliated with both the Heist Clan and Clan Vasir.

Which organization do you belong to?
Year of Birth
450 1153 Years old

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