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The Unseen

As I pen down these words, my trembling hands can hardly hold the quill steady. I find myself in the heart of the Kiadu wilderness, surrounded by shadows that seem to have a life of their own. Each night, as I lie beneath the canopy of ancient trees, I cannot help but reflect on the path I have chosen.

I thought joining The Unseen would grant me power and purpose, a chance to shape the world according to the grand vision of the Chaos Eluding Intelligent Entity. Yet, with each passing day, the weight of my decision bears down on my soul like an unforgiving burden.

— Elaria Nightshade


The Unseen is a secretive and enigmatic illicit organization operating in the shadows of Hellonde. Formed near the beginning of the Chaos Eluding Intelligent Entity's shadow years, the syndicate remains deeply devoted to the CEIE's grand vision of a utopian world free from Chaos, Madness, and Destruction. Through their engagement in various illicit activites that have become masterminds of subterfuge, frequently operating under the noses of law officials across the continent.


Established near the start of the Chaos Eluding Intelligent Entity's Shadow Years, the Unseen has operated outside of the laws of man since it's early years. The group is primarily situated in Hellonde with branches dominate in the Kiadu Wilderness, Roning, and Icraiba Empire.

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In the early years of the Unseen the group began to make a name for themselves as thieves and masterminds, with the theft of the Obsidian Heart from the House De La Croix in the Icraiba Empire. It is said that the heart was crafted by Jarned in a forge deep in the Fire Plane, and can amplify fire magic due to the malevolent fire spirt that is trapped within it. The loss of the Heart was a significant blow to the reputation of the House, elevating the presence of the Unseen throughout the continent.

In 375 the Unseen was associated with an assassination attempt on the High Sentinel Lady Seraphina Moonshadow of Roning. Some say the attempt on her life was actually a test of loyalty by the CEIE, while others claim that the Lady recieved a premonition several days before the attack. The failed attempt on her life caused the Unseen to go into hiding for several years due to the intense investigations they came under in Roning.

Which organization do you belong to?
Current Leader
Belgrod Warfury
Current Location
Spring of Ornaments
Illicit, Syndicate
Notable Members

Member Perks

  • enhanced training and skill development
  • unlimited resources
  • shadow network
  • unseen alliea
  • hidden safehouses

The initiation process is like nothing I could have imagined. Fear gnaws at the edges of my mind, for I have seen the eyes of those who fail—the hollow gaze of those who dared not meet the expectations set before them. The trials are relentless, merciless, and even the strongest among us falter.

Dark whispers echo in the recesses of my thoughts, taunting me with doubts and insecurities. What if I am not strong enough? What if I cannot endure the tests that await me? The shadows around me seem to coil like vipers, testing my resolve, and I fear that my fear itself may be my undoing.

— Elaria Nightshade


The Unseen see themselves as a tightly-knit and well-organized group with unyielding loyalty and commitment to their enigmatic leader Belgrod Warfury. They have strict protocols to safeguard their base and activities, ensuring that only trusted members know the location of their stronghold.

Their heirachial structure ensures that the members responsibile for recruitment keep a large pool of skilled recruits in order to contiue their work regardles of members status. Above all the Unseen's agenda is paramount, and each member understands that there can be no critical setbacks.

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But, my dear family, I must not falter. The world outside this secretive veil of The Unseen is one of chaos and suffering. Our leader, Belgrod Warfury, speaks of a utopia, a place where Chaos, Madness, and Destruction are eradicated forever. I want to believe in this dream, in this purpose greater than myself.

Yet, I cannot deny the trepidation that grips my heart. The initiation looms before me like a haunting specter, and I pray that the strength I have within will be enough to overcome. If I fail, I fear for my life, for I have seen the fate that befalls those who falter in their devotion.

— Elaria Nightshade


The Unseen work as a shadowy hand of the Chaos Eluding Intelligent Entity, hoping to dispose of Chaos, Madness and Destruction in what ever manner is necessary. The Unseen take this to another level, and are known to use chaotic and often illegal avenues to accomplish this goal.

Prior to their removal in 690 it was beleived that several notable members of Hollowbury's elite were members of the shadowy organization, which allowed them to get away for some time with counterfeiting not only currency, but also valuable artifacts, increasing their wealth, and their reach in the city.

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Notable Members & Leaders

Belgrod Warfury
The enigmatic and charismatic leader of The Unseen, known for his mastery of dark magic and tactical brilliance. He commands unwavering loyalty from his followers and is a driving force behind the organization's pursuit of the CEIE's vision.
Doctor Kildush Jackard
Doctor for the Unseen. Still residing in Hollowbury, known to frequently leave the city to attend to business elsewhere.
Elena Shadowweaver
A skilled assassin and spy, known for her deadly precision and ability to move unseen in the shadows. She is Belgrod's most trusted lieutenant and the chief executor of critical missions.
Thalgar Bloodscar
A hulking brute with a fierce reputation in combat. Thalgar serves as The Unseen's enforcer, ensuring loyalty among the ranks and dealing with traitors or defectors.
Lyra Whisperwind
A powerful sorceress and practitioner of dark rituals, Lyra is instrumental in the organization's arcane endeavors. Her mastery of illusions and manipulation make her an invaluable asset.
Silas Nightshade
A mysterious and enigmatic figure, Silas is known for his expertise in poisons and stealth. His concoctions and expertise in infiltrations have secured The Unseen's success on numerous occasions.
Valerian Blackthorn
A master of dark arts and necromancy, Valerian is deeply involved in The Unseen's experiments with undead creations. His connection to the realm of death gives him a sinister advantage in the organization's schemes.
Faelen Mistwood
An expert scout and tracker, Faelen gathers valuable information on potential targets and keeps watch over The Unseen's territory. His keen senses and knowledge of the wilderness are crucial for their security.

So, I write to you, my family, not knowing if this letter will ever reach your hands. But if it does, know that I love you and cherish the memories we've shared. Remember me not as a failure, but as one who sought to make a difference in this world, no matter the cost.

— Elaria Nightshade

Lore & Rumors

Tales abound of The Unseen conducting blood magic rituals in their hidden stronghold to summon dark forces and enhance their abilities.
Some claim to have heard haunting melodies echoing from the depths of the Kiadu wilderness, attributed to a cursed flute used by The Unseen to instill fear.
It is said that The Unseen has the ability to resurrect fallen members as vengeful revenants, further bolstering their forces.
Some claim that prolonged exposure to The Unseen's dark magics can drive individuals to the brink of madness, serving as a warning to potential adversaries.
Some claim that The Unseen hosts a masked masquerade in the depths of the Kiadu wilderness, where they conduct dark rituals under the veil of night.

With trembling resolve, I face the trials ahead, knowing that my fate hangs in the balance. The Unseen is a path of shadows, and I pray that the light within me is strong enough to endure the darkness.

— Elaria Nightshade

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