Aegimius CEIE Timeline


  • 5367

    58 Ziri

    Founding of CEIE

    The CEIE is founded with it's headquarters in Passen

  • 5347

    32 Ziri

    46 Ziri

    CEIE goes multi-dimensional
    Population Migration / Travel

    A city shows up to the South East of Passen, Banar-Kinting. Several of our opperatives are on the city when it leaves.

    While meeting with key members of the city we determine that our true purposes align.

    We shall rid the multi-verse of chaos.

  • 434

    37 Indis

    Fall of Passen and destruction of CEIE headquarters
    Disaster / Destruction

    The CEIE headquarters locaed in Passen was destroyed with the city when the uncontrollable water elemental breached the city gates. Headquarters was not part of the city that was saved by the elementals.

  • 0

    1 Artin

    "Destruction of the CEIE"
    Era beginning/end

    The CEIE was attacked and beleived to be destroyed.   In reality the group just moves further into the shadows, restructuring and establishing front organizations.

  • 216

    24 Indis

    Chaos has arrived in a physical form
    Metaphysical / Paranormal event

    The physical embodiments of Chaos, Madness and Destruction have arrived on Milleadh. The gods have smiled on us and this is now our chance to rid the Universe of them.

  • 690

    The Unseen sacked from Hollowbury
    Political event

    A group of our operatives, The Unseen, were exiled from the city of Hollowbury.

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