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Marcus Malin

I learned to make pretzels as a young boy from the next-door neighbor. He would watch my older siblings and me while my father worked at the local quarry. I finished my pretzel making training in the local culinary guild after the neighbor peacefully passed on. I had a good life, falling in love and getting married, staying close to my siblings and father.
— Marcus

Growing up without a mother takes a toll on a child, but that doesn't seem to be the case for Marcus. Records show he was a friendly child who got good grades in what classes he could take. As the youngest of three, Marcus, like his older siblings, had to enter the workforce early to help with family finances. He seems to have studied the art of Pretzel making with his neighbor before his passing. His studies were finished in the Culinary Guild under Pretzel Master Jorgen Saltpeter.

In 685 Marcus married Angelica Greenhand before their family and friends at the Temple of the Jarned. Their life together seems to have been a simple one until his father found himself in trouble in 690. The money trouble seems to have quickly gone away.

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Even pooling our resources, we could not dig him out of the hole he was in and I had to turn towards counterfeiting. I was good at it and my skills became useful to The Unseen until I took them down in 698. Their leader, Belgrod Warfury was furious with me for turning them in and getting the group exiled from Hollowbury. If it wasn't for Gralie Applewood, I don't know that I would have turned them in so soon after losing my dear wife.

— Marcus

According to city records Marcus' pretzel shop was doing wonderfully up until 698 when it was shut down during an investigation into a criminal group known as the Unseen. It seems that the group was using the Pretzel shop as a front for a counterfeiting ring. Records indicate that the Malin family was involved but no charges were ever brought. This disruption came on the heels of Angelica's death during an animal attack while working out at Chariot Meadow.

Which organization do you belong to?
Year of Birth
662 41 Years old
Other Affiliations

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It wasn't until a year after my wife's passing and turning in the Unseen that I felt the call. The spirits of my ancestors were calling on me and I couldn't resist. I turned to Gralie, who helped me find a decent tutor and led me on my path. While it's my ancestors, that called me to my current path, the unassuming pretzel merchant who will enter a fit of rage if necessary, it's the unknown status of Gralie that drives me now. No one's heard from her since she went to help in Sicagum. What could have happened? Does it have something to do with the creatures encased in Amber in the Kiadu Wilderness?
— Marcus

Something changed in Marcus after his wife's untimely passing, and the issues with the Unseen. He started to become angrier, many thought it was just his reactions to the hardships he'd recently endured. Only the rage didn't seem to disipate. One of the Jarned's priests Gralie Applewood helped Marcus see that he was actually experiencing a call to a greater purpose. After helping Marcus identify where his calling was pulling him she enlisted the help of a member of the temple to help train him with weapons training.

The Hammer

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I've always had a fasination with these hammers that look like crystals. And this one was no exception. While I was going through the house after my wife's death, I found it, hidden away for the Feast of Dreams. The hammer was worth a small fortune, but there was absolutely no way I could sell it knowing she had bought it for me.
— Marcus

Marcus' Warhammer

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4 Level (0/6500 XP for level-up) Failed Merchant Background Earth Genasi Race / Species / Heritage None Alignment
Level 4
Hit Dice: 4/4
1d12+5 Class 1

Hit Points
Initiative (DEX)
Armor Class (AC)
Prof. Bonus
Speed (walk/run/fly)
+4 Expertise Bonus
+2 Proficiency Bonus
+7 Strength
+3 Dexterity
+7 Constitution
+0 Intelligence
+2 Wisdom
+0 Charisma
saving throws
+3 Acrobatics DEX
+2 Animal Handling WIS
+0 Arcana INT
+5 Athletics STR
+0 Deception CHA
+0 History INT
+2 Insight WIS
+2 Intimidation CHA
+2 Investigation INT
+2 Medicine WIS
+0 Nature INT
+4 Perception WIS
+0 Performance CHA
+2 Persuasion CHA
+0 Religion INT
+3 Sleight of Hand DEX
+3 Stealth DEX
+2 Survival WIS
  Weapon / Attack AB Abi Dmg Dmg Type
Marcus' Hammer +7 STR 1d8+5 Bludgeoning
Javelin +5 STR 1d6+5 Piercing
Light Hammer +5 STR 1d4+5 Bludgeoning
 Light, Thrown
Bag of Holding, Warhammer +1, Javelin, Light Hammer, Backpack, Clothes Fine, Pouch, Scale Merchant's, Cook's Utensils, Bedroll, Mess Kit, Rations (1 day), Rope Hempen (50 feet), Tinderbox, Torch, Waterskin

Equipment Copper: 0, Silver: 10, Electrum: 0, Gold: 12, Platinum: 0 Money
Common, Elvish, Kraul

Languages & Proficiencies
Generosity. People helped me when I was down. Now that Im back on my feet, Ill pay it forward. (Good)

My family means everything to me. I failed them before, and I must not do so again.

Nothing gets between me and danger except my fellow adventurers. So Ill be sure to put them there.


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