Order of Madness

I'm done with them, Ink. All three of those orders. They've crossed the line this time. Nori's capable of taking care of himself, and even after destroying them four different times, they just keep coming back. We need to just.......just.......We take control. They want to worship us, fine we let them, we control them, and we use them for good. Coming after the adults is one thing, but coming after the children.....Orsen and Halus.......


The Order of Madness makes uses of the charismatic individuals within its group. Through guile and cunning, the order seeks to destroy the vestiges of Chaos and Destruction, for if they are left then surely that which they hold dear is safe. Slowly members of the order of Madness end up slowly sub coming to the madness that they worship, strengthening that which they get their power from.

Member Perks

Advantage on insight to determine if an individual is chaotic or lawful.
When fighting a chaotic or lawful individual and below half health, the member does an additional d6 worth of damage.
Members of the order are immune to being charged and resistant to being freighted.
A D6 worth of Psychic damage is dealt to any individual who lands a strike against an order member.
Advantage on Wisdom and Intelligence Saving throws. Any creature that forces a member of the Order of Madness to make one of these saves must make a save against the members Constitution, or suffer short-term madness.


The Order of Madness was established as a subsidiary of the CEIE, after one of the high-ranking members of the organization received a message from beyond the grave, warning that Madness, Chaos and Destruction would be the end to all they held dear. To save that which they loved, they established the Orders of Madness, Chaos and Destruction, hoping to eliminate them from the planet. In order to destroy Chaos, Madness and Destruction, the cults have been seeking information regarding the sources of the domain's power.

Granted Divine Powers
  • Telepathy
  • Advantage on deception and manipulation
  • Seeing the creatures of the Abyss for what they truly are
Which organization do you belong to?
Dissolution Date
Religious, Cult
Ruling Organization
Related Ranks & Titles
Tenets of Faith
  • You shall spread madness.
  • Destroy the imposters of Chaos and Destruction.
  • Speak and manipulate others to accept the truth of the order.
  • Ignorance is but opportunity. Educate those who know not of the Order's higher purpose.
  • Destroy the chains that bind the mad one

Character flag image: by MandoMc Desgins


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