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Goddess of Magic, the All Mother.



Apart from the Endless Hunger, who still seeth's from Hirta finding her true love, and her ultimately locking him away, the Goddess is an enemy of those who would have the Gods return to For Storia, though they do not know that she alone is the source of the Gate between the gods and planet.

Hirta is the All Mother, the first goddess to create demi-gods, and the embodiment of the available magic in Aegimius. She is a powerful deity with domains in Arcana, Knowledge, and Creation. Hirta has been using her connection to her three familes to help keep the other gods bound behind their gate, and retain her status as a Goddess, thus protecting the land of For Storia. Her strength lies not only in her powerful magic but also in her deep understanding of the ways of the universe, and she is considered one of the most learned and wise of the gods.

During the Disporia on For Storia Hirta created the three families (Fordave, Zumren, Kupp) to act as a distraction to the waring gods. This provided Hirta the opportunity to create the Divine Gate locking the Dieties away from For Storia.



The rare imiages that exaist of Hirta show her with long flowing black hair and piercing blue eyes that seem to hold all the knoweldge of the universe. Those that have met the now fallen goddess in person says that even fallen her eyes seem to hold all the knowledge of the universe. And that even now she radiates a calming aura that inspires wisdom in creativity.


Holy Day

Hirta's holy day is known as the Night of the Mysteries. On this day, followers of Hirta gather to celebrate the goddess's wisdom and knowledge, and to seek her guidance and blessings in matters of magic and arcane lore. During the Night of the Mysteries, followers of Hirta often hold elaborate rituals and ceremonies, featuring the burning of incense, the reading of sacred texts, and the casting of spells and enchantments.


  • Respect the power of magic and use it wisely, never to harm or control others.
  • Honor the sacred feminine, and recognize the divine spark in all women.
  • Work to create a better world, one filled with harmony, equality, and justice for all.
  • Seek to deepen your understanding of magic and its mysteries, but do not be tempted to pursue forbidden knowledge or power.
  • Remember that with great power comes great responsibility, and use your magic wisely and well.
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    • Arcana
    • Knowledge
    • Creation
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    Mystic Archive
    Inkwell Temple

    Night of Mysteries

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    Formurst 1
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    Indis 1

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