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Inkwell Temple & Library

The Inkwell temple is located in the Neutral Zone's religious center, the city of Vetande. The temple in one of only three temples on For Storia to worship Hirta. In addition to worshiping Hirta, the temple also worships Asuna, and hosts a vast library on it's grounds.

It is located on the southern edge of the city, with it's back wall against the Druid's Grove. The temple complex takes up the cities entire southern side, with temples to several other dieties scattered outside of it's walls.

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Temple to Hirta

The temple to Hirta, not only marks Inkwell as one of the few religious locations to be able to test and authenticate a mage's rank as an Arch-Mage, but it also helps to shape the perception of various magics across the land. The temple works to train any who seek to understand strange and new magics, or those magics that might be outside of the normal. Priests from the temple are highly sought out for their understanding of the deep and old magics.

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Temple to Asuna

Many believe that the temple to Asuna and the Library on the grounds of the temple complex are one in the same, but they could not be further from the truth. The temple to Asuna is actually on the Easter side of the complex with both the Temple to Hirta, and the dormatories between it and the library. Priests from the temple generally spend most of their time in the library on various research projects and can be hired to work as scribes, researchers, and even envoys on dipliomatic missions.


The library at the Inkwell Temple is known far and wide for not only it's impressive collection of historical archives, but also it's knowledge pertaining to the various types of magic. Many of these tomes were acquired during the tenure of High Priest Julian Magnus before he left his position to join the Alnerwick Council.

The main library is most known for the giant tree that grows in the center of the building. The tree is seen as a symbol of Asuna's knowledge and her keeping of the passage of time.

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