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Vetande is one of the oldest citys on Fika.

Points of interest

Vetande is the chief religious city of the Netural Zone, and one of the few cities that others throughout Fika have no issue with. It bosts one of the only temples to Mystra on For Storia, along with having large temples to the Wild Mother, Law Bearer, Ioun, Raven Queen and Changebringer. While these are the Chief Dieties worshiped in the city, most gods and goddesses have representation of some sort in the city, which makes religious pilgrimage a chief point of tourism for many.


In addition to haveing one of the only two temples to Mystra, the city also houses one of the only three boulders of the Cataclysm on Fika. Those seeking access to knowledge travel to the city to access the vast library at the Inkwell Temple.


Vetande is situated on the coast of Fika with access to the Blue Bay and West Ocean, and against the Druids Grove forest.

Natural Resources

Being a costal city, Vetande has access to many varieties of fish and sea weeds, along with various types of animals from the Druids Grove.
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