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The Wildheart, Lady of the Hunt

Embodying the gentle fertility of the earth and the fierce power of the hunt, Dana is a force to be recoked with in the wilderness. Her followers are known for their devotion to the land and it's creatures, while also being skilled hunters. Despite her wild and unpredictable nature, she is a source of strength and guidance for those who seek her favor.


by MandoMc Deisigns via Midjourney


Dana is often depicted as a tall and muscular woman, standing around 6 feet (182 cm) tall. Many show her with deep bronze skin, with long thick dark brown hair flowing down her back in waves. Her piercing blue eyes, paired with her sharp and angular features give her a fierce and determined look. She's often seen wearing a simple outfit of leather pants and a tunic adorned with animal bones and furs, and carrying a bow and quiver of arrows.

Never far from her side is her dire wolf companion Fenris. Stories claim that he has hunted alongside some of the greatest predators in Aegimius, protecting them from those who would exploit the natural world. Fenris' shaggy fur is said to be the color of storm clouds with piercing yellow eyes that glow in the dark.


Holy Days

Hunter's Vigil

The Hunter's Vigil is one of the most important holidays for many farming communities throughout Aegimius. On this day many communities will host hunting competitions, as well as work the community fields to show a commitment to not only nature, but also the strength of the community. Outdoor feasts featuring freshly caught game are held at night, with the winner of the hunting competition often given the right to give the toast to Dana, thanking her for the successful hunt.

There are those who believe that failure to celebrate this particular holiday brings the wrath of the goddess down upon the community, causing many to perish and the local food sources to dry up, as some believed happened to Pastow in 666.

Festival of the Wildheart

The Festival of the Wildheart is a 3 day long event celebrated by Halflings on Milleadh on 2 Indis - 4 Indis every year. During the celebration Halflings come together to share food, stories and laguther all around their sacred spuds. A variety of potato-based dishes such as potato stews, pies and crisps are made fresh during the celebration and enjoyed by all.

The festival always beginns with a ceremonial harvesting of the first potato of the season, which is then offered to Dana as a gesture of appreciation. On the second day large bonefires are lit, and the Great Communal Potato Feast is held. On the 3rd, and final day, each halfling family places an offering to Dana her shrine, beneath her statue, or another icon of the goddess. Prayers are whispered, and thanks are given for the goddess' love and protection.

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  • Tempest
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Hunter's Vigil

For Storia Calendar
Vromisk 8
Milleadh Calendar
Arul 30

Festival of the Wildheart

For Storia Calendar
Milleadh Calendar
Indis 2-4


  • Use your skills in hunting and tracking to provide for yourself and your community, but never take more than you need.
  • Embrace the wildness within yourself, and let it guide you on your path.
  • Learn the ways of the wilderness, and use that knowledge to survive and thrive in even the harshest conditions.
  • Hold sacred the bond between predator and prey, for it is a dance of life and death that should never be taken lightly.

  • Cover image: by MandoMc Designs
    Character Portrait image: by MandoMc Designs via MidJourney


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