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Hona Keamys

Not much is known about Hona Keamys. Perhaps this person truly existed, or perhaps they are just an enchantment on the journal carried by the cartographer Amanda. No one has ever been able to tell. One thing is certain, this being trained the individual who created the very first map of For Storia in its entirity.
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  • Born: -5,360 CE (MC)
  • Left Milleadh: -5,347 CE (MC)
  • Arrived in For Storia: 216
  • Children
    Current Residence
    Blood Journal / Journal
    Associated Documents:
    • Journal of one Hona Keamys
    • Amanda's Journal

    Articles under Hona Keamys

    Cover image: by MandoMc Designs
    Character Portrait image: by MandoMc Designs (via MidJourney)


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