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Harbinger of Eternity

The old shop keeper, Nysandriel? What can I say about him really? He doesn't really talk unless we ask him a question, and every answer he gives is short and to the point, a bit rude actually. I mean if he didn't own Bloodbath and Beyond, you'd probably never even know he existed.
— Amnesia Torydark

Nysandriel exudes an air of unremarkableness, purposefully fading into the background, making sure not to draw attention to himself. He keeps his interactions with others to a minimum, speaking only when necessary, and never revealing the depths of his knowledge or the possible extent of his power.

Nysandriel has lived his entire life in the city of Kairau, inheriting the family business from his father Noka. To many in the city he is seen as a rather tactless member of society.

Key Life Events and Accomplishments

Before taking over the shop from his father, Nysandriel had a more adventurous youth. He traveled to far-off lands, delving into ancient ruins and confronting dangers that most would fear to face. These adventures granted him unique knowledge of relics and a deeper understanding of the world's mystical secrets.

During his travels, Nysandriel encountered eldritch beings and enigmatic entities beyond mortal comprehension. Some tales suggest that he was taken under the wing of an ancient being who imparted forbidden knowledge upon him. This mentoring might explain the depth of his expertise and the mysterious aura that surrounds him.

Which organization do you belong to?
Year of Birth
623 80 Years old
Aligned Organization

Quirks, Flaws, or Secrets:

Nysandriel subtly weaves riddles and puzzles into conversations, manipulating others' curiosity to engage them in his plans and schemes.
Nysandriel's insatiable thirst for power and control often leads him to underestimate the consequences of his manipulations, potentially exposing him to retaliation from those he deceives.
Beneath the shop's unassuming facade, Nysandriel maintains a hidden chamber where he conducts dark rituals to empower his artifacts and enhance his manipulation abilities.
He possesses a secret network of spies and informants throughout the city, gathering valuable information on potential threats, allies, and opportunities.


A mysterious figure, a cloaked observer who is said to appear and disappear like a specter.
Rumors suggest that Nysandriel made a dark pact with malevolent entities from the void, granting him supernatural abilities in exchange for an unknown price, whispered to be his very soul.
Tales speak of a cursed mark branded onto those who cross Nysandriel, dooming them to a life of misery and misfortune until they fulfill his darkest desires.

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