Malachite is the newest and youngest member of the Conclave, only earning his seat in 700.

Early Years

Malachite was born to a wealthy Land Ganasi family in Hollowbury. Even knowing the dangers of the Kiadu Wilderness, he and his friends would regularly ventue in, as most children do. During one trip a monster broke from the amber right before them, threatening Malachite and his friends. Filled with anxiety, he instinctively called forth a storm and lashed out at the monster, allowing his friends to escape.


As soon as he was able he took the steps to join the Magneti and protected merchants and other traveling through the Wilderness. Happy to be living his dream of being a Magenti Malachite made enemies of adventurers who tried to skirt the magical laws of the Dynasty, or put the dynasty in danger. In 689 Mal was written up for misconduct after assulting a commanding officer. The officer was later found murdered, and though a prime suspect, Mal was proven innocent.

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Current Location
Year of Birth
664 39 Years old
Aligned Organization

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