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Founded in 355 by Castien Balroris and the revamped Austere Conclave, the Magneti serve as magical police throughout the Menait Dynasty. They are also a key part of the Menait Dynasty's military force from both foreign and domestic threats.

Becoming a Magneti

There are two ways one can become a Magneti. One can undertake the vigorous training process, with eight different trials that must be passed in order to join any division as a private. Once the tests are passed, which may differ for each division. Alternatively, one can fail the Conclave dual and get an inite to join the Magneti at a rank appropriate to their skill.


Like many police or militry forces the Magneti have may divisions.

Creature and Forest Division
Members of the CnF Division are tend to be more nature minded. Typically made up of Druids and Rangers, these individuals are known to investiage sightings of strange creatues, and patrol dangerious areas like the Kiadu Wilderness.
AKA CnF Division
Shadow Division
The Shadow Division is a division that works directly under Castien, dealing with the dark shadow magic that many will not touch.
Chaos Division
The Chaos division actively seeks out the Chaos Eluding Intelligent Entity and its subsidaries. It recognizes the imporance of Chaos in the order of Aegimius and strives to ensure it's continued survival.
Terror Division
The Terror division is a group of elite soldiers that have been known to stike terror in the hearts of individuals that mean harm to the Menait Dynasty.
Destruction Division
This division focus on attempting to destroy dangerous magical artifacts in the wilds. for those artifacts that can not be destroyed they are responsible for destroying a person's memory of the artifact.
Which organization do you belong to?
Overall training Level
Assumed Veterancy


The following are typical ranks that run throughout all of the divisions. While each division will have a different crest, which signifies an individuals rank and division, the ranks are generally the same.
  • Patrol
  • Patrol First Class
  • Specialist
  • Captain
  • Master
  • Master Chief
  • High Chief
  • Secret Division

    Given that the Magneti are operated by teh Austere Conclave, it comes as no suprise to memebers who are offered a position in the forces secret division. The division has three very distinct purposes:

    • research magical artifacts that have appeared on Milleadh
    • find and research ruins of ancient magical cities
    • create new magical items that can be used by members of the Magneti

    Given what the Conclave has learned from the Tome of the Six, it is no wonder they have created ann entire division for finding and identifying these artifacts.

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