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The city of the undead, Undar, is the only true settlement in the Sunless Jungle. It is the capital city of The Hallowed Empire of Formaris. Ruled by the Undead Mage King himself, Undar sits shrouded in darkness, with glows of indigo, violet, and midnight green illuminating the streets.

The city serves as home to many undead, along with many shifters, individuals from the shadow realm, and dark fae, along with their families.

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Primary Races
Founding Date


The city was permenantly established in -161 after the settlers were finally able to find an aggreable location. The first thing that was built, mainly by the shifters, were bridges allowing the vampires of the city to cross the river and access the rest of the city. Once the bridges over the river were built, the creation of the city was truely underway. While many of the larger and older trees in this particualr area seem to move around, the younger tress have not yet gained this sentience, and so many of the buildings of te city are built in and around these trees, keeping the dark canopy over the city and its residents.


With as many undead and shifters as the city houses, their most notable export is raw materials, stone, wood, and even ores are sent out of the city for mining in other parts of the world. In exchange blood from the very legal blood market is imported into the city, allowing those that require the thick red liquid to have their preference of heritage.

Notable Imports
  • Blood
  • Blood Wine
  • Textiles
  • Synthic blood
Notable Exports
  • Raw materials: stone, wood ores
  • Shifter Venom
  • Vampire Fangs


The city has two main guilds that work to influence Armod in the cities running. While the guilds are not diametrically opposed, they do have very different objectives, as they both represent to very different groups of individuals.

While the vampires of the city can consume normal food and beverages they of course get no enjoyment out of it, and thus have very little need for these items from a trade perspective. Since feeding off of residents of the city is forbidden blood has to be imported into the city. Vampires want to decrease the amount of "normal food" that is brought in, increasing the amount of blood and blood products that is imported instead.
Minus their vampiric speed, strength, and generally lifespans longer then many of the mortal races, except elves and dwarves, shifters are mortal. Thus they need "normal" food products and have no need for bloodbased products. The number of shifters that are making the city home, has generally been increasing and many petitions have been sent to Armod to increase imported food varieties.


The city is under the direct rule of Armond. While not a monarchy, since Armond has never died, he has retained the throne of the kingdom since it's establishment, and rulled the city of Undar since it's founding.

When it comes to punishing the citizens of Undar, punishments have to be a litte different for certain races. Vampires may loose their fangs, which do grow back, and a shifter may be required to provide their venom for a set period of time to be exported for various antidotes.


The city sits along the river that runs through the Sunless Jungle. Nestled both in and around the trees the city stretches in both lenght and width along the banks, making use of air and water access.

Special Features

  • Large Fossil: 2300 feet northeast
  • Moving Trees: 7.89 miles east
  • City Ruins: 2.61 miles south

Aegimius tiara



Shanty Town
River Port

Notable Citizens

Current leader of the Vamipre guild
Current leader of the Shifter guild
The fae responsible for pitting them against each other and causing chaos.
Because why not?

Natural Resources

  • Igneous: Basalt
  • Sedimentary: Caliche and Chalk
  • Metals: Lead
  • Precious: Platinum
  • Precious: Diamond
Utility Crops
  • Oil: Sunflower
  • Marrow: Cucumber and Zucchini
  • Cruciferous: Brussel Sprout
  • Warm Seasons: Sorghum and Corn
  • Cool Seasons: Triticale
  • Food: Triticale, Sorghum, and Corn
  • Animal Feed: Sorghum and Corn
Stone Quarries
Rock Pit
  • Gathers Chalk
  • 43 workers
  • Gathers Caliche
  • 68 workers
Ore Mines
Open Pit Mine
  • Gathers Lead
  • 61 workers
Open Pit Mine
  • Gathers Platinum
  • 50 workers
Lumber Camps
Lumber Camp
  • Gathers Cumaru
  • 21 workers
Logging Camp
  • Gathers Cedar
  • 49 workers
Woodcutter's Camp
  • Gathers Blackwood
  • 22 workers
Lumber Camp
  • Gathers Bamboo
  • 18 workers
Flora and Fauna
  • Livestock: Balancer(Cattle)
  • Prey: Mice, Rat, and Elephant
  • Predators: Snakes
  • Aquatic: Snakehead, Basa, and Clams
  • Trees: Cumaru, Willow, Blackwood, Bamboo, and Cedar
  • Grass: Oat Grass, Tall Fescue Grass, and Blue Fescue Grass
  • Shrubs: Blueberry Bush, Barberry, Aloe Vera, and Black Chokeberry
  • Moss: Catherine's Moss, Fire Moss, and Tamarisk Moss
  • Vines: Balloon Vine and Staff Vine

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