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From rebel rousers to the Dominion's capital the city of Batun has undergone many changes in its 200 years. When visiting make sure to check out the cities Punny Emporium, remember first to answer the riddle gets a free item, our rare archives, and hire yourself some magic mercenaries, ours are the best in the business of course (Far superior to those of the Heist Clan).

Here on Milleadh, large beasts roam and magic is an everyday part of life, which makes travel across the vast planet easier. From the land of the elementals to the fozen continent of St Anvil Agent's don't forget to check out the known dragon territories as documented by Malase Beran.
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Primary Races


Batun was founded in the year 498, and became the capital of the Dominion of Esseas in the mid 600's after an unsuccessful rebellion was squashed. The leaders of Esseas believed that having the capital in the northern part of the Domion was to much of a risk and moved from Taburh down to Batun.

Moving the capital was met with resistance, but, after a period of economic growth and prosperity, many in Esseas aggreed with the ruler that it was in the countries best interest.

Around the time of the Capital Transfer wealthy merchant Theodor Lancaster built an estate several miles southwest of the city. Master Lancaster was known to be an eccentric man with a interest in the occult and abberations. Many claim that Mr. Lancaster conducted dark rituals and experiments in the manor, the energy of which remains on the premise to this day. It is said that any who live in the manor since Mr. Lancasters death in 688 have met an untimely end, or gone mad themselves.


Major Imports
  • Beef
  • Poultry
Major Exports
  • Tiger Pelt
  • Rabbit Foot
  • Fire Moss


Made up of sailors and boat merchants, they lobby for heavy taxes for ships not made by their guild, and tend have a ridicously high upcharge for goods that they sell. They may or may not have procured these goods through dubious means.
Members of the Hunters Guild ensure use of all meat, and parts of animals hunted on the outskirts of the city. Anyone found wasting parts of an animal they have slaughterd is at the mercy of th hunters guild.


The city of Batun falls under the direct rule of of Esseas' ruler, Lord Nostbs Thicof, who makes decisions with the input of several other high ranking aristocrats in the dominion.


The city sits along the bank of the river that markes the boarder betwenn Esseas and Lorastir. There is one bridge that crosses the river allowing for trade between Lorastir and Esseas without the heavy river tax that Esseas likes to impose.

Special Features

  • Haunted Hilltop Manor: 3.12 miles southwest
  • Pond: 5.14 miles northeast
  • Monument: 5.30 miles southwest
by MandoMc Desgins


Upper Class
  • Bank & Exchange
  • Baker
  • Tailor
  • Luxury Furnishings
  • Doctor/Apothecary
  • Alchemist*
  • Club*
  • Weaver
  • Magic Clothing
  • Archives/Library
  • Academy/Universit
  • Magic Weapons
  • magic Armor
  • Magic Merceranies
  • Rare Botanicals
  • Tailor
  • Tailor
  • Tavern
  • Shipwright
  • Weaver
  • House of Leisure
  • Inn
  • Tavern
  • Club*
  • Carpenter*
  • Cooper*
  • Cooper
  • Bank & Exchange
  • Tailor
  • Artist
  • Cobler
  • Punny's Emporium - Batun
  • Artist*
  • Bathouse*
  • Hired Help - Scribes and Clerks
  • Magic Books
*Notable location

Notable Citizens

Natural Resources

  • Igneous: Granite
  • Sedimentary: Chalk and Travertine
  • Metals: Cinnabar
  • Precious: Gold
  • Semi-Precious: Jasper
  • Cool Seasons: Kaniwa and Quinoa
  • Food: Kaniwa and Quinoa
  • Stem: Celery
Stone Quarries
Rock Pit
  • Gathers Granite
  • 67 workers
Ore Mines
Shaft Mine
  • Gathers Cinnabar
  • 120 workers
Open Pit Mine
  • Gathers Gold
  • 15 workers
Lumber Camps
Logging Camp
  • Gathers Chestnut
  • 49 workers
Woodcutter's Camp
  • Gathers Cypress
  • 18 workers
Flora and Fauna
  • Prey: Wild Rabbit, Jackrabbit, and Antelope
  • Predators: Cougar, Tigers, and Gray Wolf
  • Aquatic: Bass, Catfish, and Clams
  • Trees: Hornbeam, Cypress, and Chestnut
  • Grass: Pampas Grass, Grey Fescue Grass, Deergrass, and Feather Reed
  • Shrubs: Lentil Plant, Butterfly Bush, and Abelia
  • Moss: Fire Moss and Haircap Moss

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