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Abraxas Aften

Master of War , Guardian of the Red Wood Forest Abraxas Aften

Powerful wizard who arrived in Milleadah in the year 216.   Member of The Heist Clan.

Physical Description

Body Features

Being a greater dragon gives Abraxas the ability to shape shift, though his dual parantage makes a full shift difficult, and he will make uses of magical items that he's enchanted himself to help hide traits like his wings.
Abraxas normally takes the form of a High Elf, though does on occassion take the form of a dwarf, or Drow Elf. Regardless of his physical form Abraxas's long flowing red hair is always present.

Mental characteristics

Mental Trauma

Watched as his sister and dear family friend were killed by a cult.

Morality & Philosophy

Abraxas is torn between the morality of his dual parantage of gold and red dragon. As such he is a notorious prankster, and has been known to take things to extremes on many occasion.

Personality Characteristics

Likes & Dislikes

Abraxas is an avid gambler.


Social Aptitude

Abraxas is overly confident, and will never admit to not knowing something. He is quick to judge, and quick to act in the face of danger to those he holds dear.
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Current Location
Year of Birth
426 277 Years old
Gold and Red

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