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Alnerwick, the capital of the Neutral Zone has a booming Arcane industry.  The city has the Neutral Zones' best magic school, and Mr. Aften frequently holds magic classes for the town's guard at the old Zachry estate.


It is said that the city was founded when two individuals of different races fell in love and were outcasts from their homes. They stumbled upon this land and requested permission to settle from the Guardian of the Red Forest. Permission was granted and soon word spread, individuals from all over began to come and Alnerwick grew into what we have today.

When the city above fell during the great flood, many who could not escape on ships or through other means descended below, joining the dwarven artisans in the cavern below.


The city has a standing Militia known as the city guards, currently led by Captain James Reese who replaced Frances JaegerJaqez.

Major Imports
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Alnerwick is ruled by a council with a Queen, who has the choice to pick her successor.



One of the city's most notable laws is known as the 11th law, which currently prohibits more than 10 houses from ruling the city. This law also forces all ties between houses to be settled with a vote by the citizens of the city, which in effect make up the 11th house.


Oak Forest to the north and Red Forest to the south. A river flows through from the Red Forest out to the Ares Coast

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Through out the five districts located within the city one will find plenty of opportunity for entertainment.

The main areas of the city are our Market District located to the north. The government district(s) are along the outer skirts, along with the inner most section of the city. Additionally you'll find local precincts of the guards throughout.

Notable Citizens

Frances JaegerJaqez
Retired Captain of the City guard. Newly appointed member of the city council.

Natural Resources

Utility Crops
Stone Quarries
Ore Mines
Lumber Camps
Flora and Fauna
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