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The Quiet Moon

by MandoMc Designs
It was an unlikely win, and yet for the first time ever not only had River Runlath lost a drinking contest, but she lost to the unlikeliest person in Alnerwick, newcommer Alynys Zumren Fenquen, who almost never drinks. Did it have something to do with her turning one of the metal steins gold? No one really knows. But I swear, it really did happen.
— Nasu from the Alnerwick Times

Purpose / Function

The Quiet Moon acts as a base of operations for The Heist Corporation. It is here that parties working for Heist go to check in, receive rewards, turn in information they have discovered, and recieve contracts/jobs. The main room of the tavern boasts a stage with a new musical instrument they call a piano, along with a job board for Heist Corporation contracts.

A human male storms into the Inn looking furious. Makes eye contact with Ink and slowly walks towards him. Many people near move out of the way. The man gets into Inks face.

You crossed the line Ink

- Henry
Which line will that be? - Ink

You crossed the line

- Henry

The line?

- Ink
Quiet Moon first floor plan by MandoMc


Heist office door by MandoMc Designs
The building is made of stone and both Oak and Redwood, as is typical in much of Alnerwick. The building currently has three floors, the first of which comprimises of the main tavern, with a court yard, offices for Mr. Heist and Mrs. Vasir, and some in rooms. The scond floor contains several rooms, while the top floor has four different private suites.
  The most notable piece in the tavern, would be the door to Ink and Mael's office. The door has been expertly carved to include symbols and tokens that describe important things to both Ink and Mael.


While there are no physical defenses on the outside of the tavern, the inside is a vastly different story. As the headquarters of The Heist Corporation, the tavern has various groups of adventurers, mercenaries, and other sorts of hired hands on the inside constantly.A direct assult against any person entering or leaving the tavern would result in an immediate reaction from the patrons.

They took my boy!

- Henry
Henry pulls out a pistol and aims it at Inks head. The sound of other weapons being armed throughout the tavern room is heard. Ink raises his hand to stop everyone from taking action.
So they took your boy..... What line am I supposed to have fucking crossed. Let me ask you a question first. How many fathers, how many mothers, sons, daughters have you cut down, killed, murdered, and butchered with out question. Innocent and guilty alike. Sent them to the other side to meet their makers. Just like I have, and many others have. You stand there, judging me about crossing some fucking line, then go ahead and pull that trigger.
Pull it for an honourable reason like an honourable man........ Not like some fucking civilian that does not understand the wicked way of our world........
Have I not sent my own flesh and blood out. There have been days.... weeks even that I haven't seen or heard from one of my sons or daughters, because of an assignment I've sent them on. Tell me what you would have me do. Gather all my men and women and have them go look for one boy.......I will send a team to look and you can go and look with them. Here take this and leave.
- Ink
A contract appears in Inks hand.

Is this your way of saying fuck off.

- Henry
No its your freedom to go and find your son and protect him how you see fit. I know you have been paid well enough while here to live comfortably. Take him far away from here where its safer. Ink starts to walk away then stops. I do hope you can find him. Consider this your last assignment and be safe.- Ink
Henry leaves the tavern.


At once was the Town hall to Alnerwick. It now stands as a Tavern and the main hub for the Heist Corporation. Inks office was the original office to the mayor when Alnerwick had a Mayor. Since then many additions have been made. the whole back half and courtyard was added on years later. All the frame work was down by hand to match the original work/building.


The Quiet Moon is rumored to be in charge of various "underground fighting rings" and other events.  



  • Pickled Triton Scales
  • Moonrose and Lily Salad


  • Mead
  • Ale


  • Poor Room
  • Good Room
  • Suite
Which organization do you belong to?
The Quiet Moon by MandoMc
Pub / Tavern / Restaurant
Parent Location
Additional Rulers/Owners


Michael Vasir (The Iron Fist)- Owner of the tavern and main bar tender. Michael not only runs the bar, but also helps run Heist and Co.

Jack Vasir-busboy at the tavern.Identical twin to Luke.

Luke Vasir-busboy at tavern. Identical twin to Jack.

Jax Vasir-Bartender.

Amy - Jax's girlfriend and chef at tavern.


Other individuals routinely in the Tavern

Ink Heist- Runs The Heist Corporation operations out of the building with the assistance of Michael.

Solaris Vasir(The Blood Witch) -wife of Michael Vasir. A top member of The Heist Corporation.

Job Board

Aegimius Discussion Boards Alnerwick

Quiet Moon Job Board

Mon, Mar 7th 2022 09:45
Jobs for adventuring parties associated with The Heist Corporation.
Artwork Missing
Dragon Breath Wanted
Thieves steal from Soldier Memorial
Family missing

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