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Otto Chalice

Otto Chalice (a.k.a. The Philosopher)

Early Life

Otto grew up in a Cindurrian orphanage, that burned down under mysterious circumstances. He was turned against his will and forced by his sire to do unspeakable acts. He was forced to flee Cindurria after killing a noble, which is how he wound up in Alnerwick.



Arriving on the planet Milleadh was no easy task for any member of the Heist Clan, but for Otto is was slightly worse. It was the second time in his very long life that his wife was ripped from his arms mid-teleport. Neither of their children arrived with him either, the whole family spread across Delesia like sand on a beach.

Otto arrvied in the Adament Spires with his business partner and long time friend Abraxas, who due to the amount of magic was used, entered a coma like state. Not having the proper day-light ring, and not being connected to this portion of the weave, it took Otto about a month to make it to his wife, as per their previous agreement.

Being the adament researcher that he is, Otto spent several hundred years trying to break the cursed bond between him and his wife, without her knowledge. Finally in 666 (MC), Otto was confident enough he could break it and was successful in doing so. Not even a month later Otto and Nori Heist lead a group of individuals to destroy the clan of Celeste after she kidnapped his wife Alynys, and Nori's wife Galena Moonrose Heist.


Alynys Chalice

Wife (Important)

Towards Otto Chalice



Otto Chalice

Husband (Important)

Towards Alynys Chalice




Otto showed up the evening of the "Fight for Alnerwick" where the Watchers fought against him, Solaris, Michael, Stein, and Ilvilgia, to replace the individual who Alynys was supposed to go on an arranged date with. Although this was meant to be Alynys' last date, this was the first one that went decently well, that she didn't throw into the river. Subsequent dates occured, often in secret, through the first month, until her family found out. Things moved both quickly and slowly at the same time with Alynys moving into his house during their second month together.

Legal Status

Husband and Wife

Which organization do you belong to?
Vampire Generation
Current Location
Honorary & Occupational Titles
  • The Philosopher
  • Duke of Wardel
  • Year of Birth
    2813 3516 Years old
    Bright Red eyes
    Short black
    Skin Tone/Pigmentation
    Year of Birth
    • -2813MC
    • 492 FC
    Year of Rebirth
    • -1313 MC
    • 681 FC

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