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Miariah Chalice Tarakona

Miriah Cynthia Tarakona- Chalice (a.k.a. The Walking Death)

Coming to MIlleadh from For Storia, as a young woman was one of the most difficult things I think we've ever done. I understand why our family had to leave, but that doesn't mean that I wanted to.

Born on For Storia and fleeing to Milleadh was not the life that Miaraiah's parents had envisioned for her, or for them for that matter, but it is the hand they were dealt. Born to the Duke and Duchess of Wardel, a key linchpin in the peace between the Neutral Zone and Cindurria, Miarah and her twin brother Maximus Chalice, spent many years getting to explore and find what they loved before diving into their studies.

After their arrival on Milleadh Miariah started to take interest in the family business and started training as a bladesong wizard, training in magic under Abraxas.

Early Life

Like many members of Mystra's The Three Families, Miarah was trained through various members of the Chalice, Fenequin and Heist Families. Along with her twin brother, and cousins Noria and Luna, Miariah could be found frequently causing minor mischief througout the city. A keen observer of people on the material plane, and how they move, Mirariah showed great promise in swordsman ship, which she studied with her grandfather Fin Fenquen.


Upon the families arrival on Milleadh from the Fae Wilds, Miariah found herself spearate from both her brother, and her parents, having arrived with her uncles, Johann and Belis. It took about 3 weeks before Miariah was reunited with her immediate family, and in that time Miariah began to get the lay of the land.


While out on a training mission on Milleadh with her Aunt Solaris, a battle occured and Miariah was almost killed. Not ready to die Miariah agreed to allow her Aunt to turn her. Since Miariah's family magic hadn't activiated yet, Solaris took the chance. Only, it was that turning that activated her family magic.

Instead of becoming a vampire like Solaris and her father Otto, Miariah's family magic kicked in mid-transition and she became a Dhamphir. Paired with the magical beneifts of having her magic activated Miariah has many of the advantages of being a vampire with the increased speed, and strength, but can be healed with magic and is immune to damage via holy water. The venom of a warewolf will kill her more slowly then it would kill a vampire, giving her a week to obtain the antidote instead of a day or less.


Heldove Tarakona


Towards Miariah Chalice Tarakona


Miariah Chalice Tarakona


Towards Heldove Tarakona


Which organization do you belong to?
Type of Madness
Unique Magical Ability
can make an indiviudal believe they are dead for short periods of time
Year of Birth
176 527 Years old
Heldove Tarakona (Husband)

Family Magic

As a member of the Chalice Family, Miariah had to undergo vigorous training in the mental arts and emotional management. Part of this training involved Miariah being in touch with her emotions, something that many elves struggle with, and controlling her emotions under even the most dire circumstances.

As with any member of the three familys, even before Miarah's magic activated she was capable of using the bare minimum of extra abilities that are inherent to her family. She has a natural ability to detect the throughts of individuals, and even some creatures, and most of her magic has had the fae like qualites that are common to the decendents of the Zumren line.

The Walking Death

Figuring out what one's unique magical ability is kind of like looking for a needle in a hay stack with no magic.

It wasn't until Miariah and Nori were interrogating someone that she discovered what her latent magical ability is. And the ability to make someone living feel like they are dead. That they are nothing more than an empty husk doomed to walk the material plane for the rest of time. Something that not even Lord Death himself can touch.

Once her magic was discovered, Miariah worked alongside her uncle and mother to learn more about it and figure out how it could best be used to help the family. It turns out when people no longer think they're alive; they divulge rather interesting secrets, particularly when they think they're out of reach of those who could hurt them.

Family Business

The easiest job to get is often one you are born into. At least that's what Uncle has said numerious times. He's always made space for the family in the business, sometimes even expanding what the business currently offers to employ the family.

Miariah works for the Hiest Clan taking odd jobs throughout Milleadh. Like her cousin Nori, Miariah's expertise in the family involves assination. Nori and Miariah are often sent on jobs together along with Remy. While Nori prefers to kill from a distance that isn't always possible and the three have proven to be able to get even the most difficult jobs done easily.

Miariah's level of expertese with a sword, and her magic, have proven beneficial for the company as she and her partners are frequently seen as the best in the business, allowing the Heist clan to charge top dollar for their services. The team has been able to get in and out of rather impossible situations, even going as far as whiping out the Order of Madness several times, only for the order to reform.


Miarah first met Heldove when he was a child, during a family even that the Tarakona's were invited to. It wasn't until aroudn Heldove's 100th birthday that the two started to form a friendship. After Heldove joined the Heist clan, Miariah began to see more of him throughout company functions. After 50 years of him working and becoming with Maximus, they went on their first date, and after about 10 decades he asked her father for permission to ask Miariah for her hand. The condition was set that they had to wait 50 years before they could get married, which Miariah, was not happy about. In 666 they eloped with Maximus, and Nori serving as witness.

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