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Basic Information

Genetics and Reproduction

Vampires are generally turned from a mortal race through the exchange of blood, and subsequent death. The Vampire, called sire. bites the mortal and consumes their blood. The mortal must then consume the Vampires blood before dieing. Failure to do so causes the mortal to turn into a ghoul instead of a sired Vampire.   There have been reports of some Vampires being able to reproduce as the would have in their mortal form. Though excedingly rare.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Vampires need blood to survive. Different races each have different tastes, and thus each Vampire will have a different preference.   There is a large difference between blood taken vs blood that has been willingly given in terms of nutritional value.

Additional Information

Social Structure

Vampires social structure is dictated by a couple factors. Generation, strength/power, Clan position.  
A first generation vampire is one created by one of the original Vampires who made a deal with an other worldly entity. Each subsequent generation is weaker then the one that sired it. Vampires through the 2nd generation are considered "royal" and will have a higher social status, regardless of the other factors.
That being said, as Vampires age, their strength and power increases. Thus an older 4th Generation Vampire could be as strong as a more recently turned second generation Vampire.
Should a Vampire choose to join, or be sired intl a clan, their position in the clan denotes a higher social standing.

Civilization and Culture

Relationship Ideals

Relationships ideals vary based on the Vampire and how they view other species. Vampires may mate and bond with one another. this requires the Vampires to feed from one another and share a coffin. Bonded Vampires are generally stronger then unbounded counterparts.

Interspecies Relations and Assumptions

There are three main camps when it comes to how vampires view the mortal species:
Mortals are only food
These vampires tend to frown on any relationship outside of mortals being only blood slaves.
Mortals can only be friends
These vampires see mortals as more then just a food source. They think of mortals as friends
Which organization do you belong to?
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