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Chef Damien

Affectionally refered to as chef by Alynys, and all in the Chalice house, Damien is a powerful first generation vampire. He works for the Chalice house as a chef, and works in a restaurant when there is no one at the house to feed, which up until Otto started a relationship with Alynys, was frequently.

While he never talks about the situations around his turning, he does joke with Nora frequently about her turning, and how he saved her from a very unforgiving fate.

He is very possivive about his kitchen and gets aggrevated when anyone attempts to cook in it. Due to his vamparic strength, a special kitchen had to be built for him in the Chalice house, allowing him the ability to freely use his strength and speed while cooking.

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Vampire Generation: 1st
Current Location
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Chalice House
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