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Limingterre Run

No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it's not the same river and he's not the same man.
— Heraclitus

And truer words have never been spoken about Limingterrer Run. Unlike most rivers this river starts at a lake with no "source", so they say. According to legend the lake was once home to the mythical city of Passen, now it and the Limingterre Run are home to all sorts of elementals.


There are those who say that the Lemingterre Run existed before the Ruins of Puku, and those who say it didn't.

The Myth

From the stories found in the depths of Carne, the river follows the path carved into Groinsmirth by the dragon Breghiss. The river meets up with the Thundering Beck at the boarders of the Principality of Lorastir and the Empire of Honevrast, cutting through the Whispering woods.

According to stories, Breghiss carved the river into the land after the new Water elemental lost control of their power and flooded the city, forcing the other elementals to pool their power, and causing the center of the city to become a floating island. Others left the city in boats captained by the halflings that served as transport in the city's various canals. According to the stories the presence of the elemental avatars in the city, created a peace in the area that has sense been disturbed, causing many elementals and other beings to attempt to claim the area for themselves.

Confirmed accounts

  • -434 CC Limmingeterre Run appears.
  • -434 CC Elieni Mari takes the little Dragown down the newly created Limmingterre Run, riding the flood waters.
  • -250 CC First reports of a water Levithian appearing in the lake.
  • -225 CC Heavy storms seen near the mouth of the river. First spotting of the Elder Tempest along the banks of Lake Puku.
  • 50 CC The Howling Corruption goes missing. Remains were found 3 weeks later along the banks in the Whispering Woods.
  • 348 CC Torerbead Oakenfinger becomes the first dwarf to successfully make the journey down the Run to Bacot.
  • 664 CC Merdon Warmmoon falls victim to the call of the Shadow Dancer. Faylie becomes captain of the Midnight's Folly.


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Map of Limingterre Run
Limingterre Run map by MandoMc Designs
Current map of Limingterre Run according to Pirate Captain Faylie Warmmoon.

The main residents of the Run are the various water elementals that live in its depths. These elementals make the journey along the river dangerous, unless one can navigate around them. Travel along the river has been successfully done by halflings that have spent generations traversing the waters and knowing how to get around the various groups of elementals awaiting to capture or kill them.



Earth Elementals can be found along the banks of the river. Galeb Duhr stand ready to crush any ships who unwillingly crash into the shores, making it impossible for victims to escape the collection by the Efreeti.


Fluxcharges are one of the most common types of air elementals found around the river. Several of the Halfling River Pirates that are successful at traversing the river claim these Fluxchargers serve the Elder Tempest that strives to control Lake Puku.


While fire elementals are not as common as the other elementals there are several that have decided to make their homes along the river. The most common are Efreeti from the Plane of Fire, using the turbulence of the river to enslave any brave enough to traverse its depths, and not make it to the Beck.


The water elementals that live within the river aim to appease the leviathan that will occasionally send a tidal wave down the Run. Individuals will run into the occasional Marid who enjoy sending ships towards the banks into the waiting arms of the Efreeti or Galeb Duhr.


Interspersed along the banks of the river one will find fairies, Chwinga, and other individuals from the Fae realm.


Hiding along the banks within the Whispering Woods the call of the shadow dancer wails, drawing those foolish enough to follow into the waiting arms of the demons and horrors that exist.


Transportation along the run is generally avoided. However there are a couple notable ships that have successfully made the trek, including Midnights Folly currently captained by Faylie Warmmoon. According to Elis Altaroma of the Benign Jewel, Faylie inherited the ship from her late father Merdon, who fell victim to a song in the Whispering Woods. Since then Faylie has been adamant about all captains and ships traveling with at least one other ship, but the more the better for a successful run on the Run.

It's a shame really that Merdon fell when he did. Really screwed with Faylie's head, sitting there and watching him fall prey to the Elemental's song. But it's been amazing for the city. Trade has increased, and we're not seeing as many new traders. Familiarity is important in a "secret" underground city. Especially when we're protecting you know who from that imposter in Arazar.
— Krelar Viring of the Jagged Beef

The Howling Corruption -captained by Osrich Dustman. The first ship to have gone missing along the Run, remains were found along the part of the river that cuts through the Whispering Woods.

The Damned James - the only known ship to have been captained by someone other than a halfling. Torerbead Oakenfinger from Caerne successfully made the journey in 348 to supply the city of Bacot with much needed dwarven steel and weaponry.

The Little Dragon - the first known ship to travel along the Limingterre Run. Legends say Elieni Mari captained the ship which followed Breghiss to the Thundering Beck. Elieni led the caravan of ships down through the Teal Domain and helped to relocate many of the refugees to the city now known as Kairau.


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