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The city that Time Forgot

Located below the ruins of a once thriving Megaloplois the city has been left alone apart from the infrequent travelers who stumble upon the entrance looking to escape from the black dragon that has claimed the ruins above as their home, or those whose families carry on the stories of the city.
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Due to the circumstances around Carne's location the city has never, and probably will never be what some would consider bustling. One will typically find a few people out in the streets. Most of the population within the city are Dwarves and Hafling, with occasional other races mixed in.

People within the city can be standoffish to newcomers, each new person is met with an initial wave of distrust, until the time is taken to get to know people.

With the city being underground, the local inns and taverns remain open perpetually, alowing for visiting Night Owls to take advantage of what the city has to offer, and those who may work the early morning shifts, or the late evening shifts to still enjoy downtime.

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  • Carne
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The city that Time Forgot
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The current city was built as an extention of the city of Passen. The settlement started on the eastern section of the city center located below the connection between the Fire and Earth Elemental strongholds above. Dwarves decided to settle here to take advantage of the elemental's gifts and began crafting smithies and other necessary buildings to turn out armor, weapons, and other works of art.

When the city above fell during the great flood, many who could not escape on ships or through other means descended below, joining the dwarven artisans in the cavern below.


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The main entrance to the city is just north of the Whispering Woods. A small tunnel hidden from view by magic, leads into a large tunnel that slops ever so slighly until you reach Agchaar Steppe, the City's sprawiling Event Grounds. From there the road leads directly into the city.

There are other enterances to the city hidden both wihtin the Ruins of Puku, and with in a couple hills of the Megalith downs, but only those with a keen eye, or the knowledge can find them.

Underground though the city sits within a massive cavern, with extra homes built into the walls. The northern wall of the city has mainly been left alone though due to the massive lake that resides on the other side, a reminder of the destruction that was wrought on the city above.

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For those entering the city past Agchaar Steppe, then enter through the Crafting District, which neighbors on the Southern Market District. The Southern Market district boarders the Upper Class district and our town center. From there the Central Market District, and the Slums, along with most of the city's housing being in the North western part of the city.

Crafting District
  • Queen's Smithy
  • McCain's Concessions
  • Warriors Shield
  • Adventuring Pork
  • Luxurous Pearl
Southern Market District
  • The Jagged Hiring Shop
  • Knights Hammer
  • Adam's Rocky Pastries
  • King's Antidote
  • The Clever Sharp Pointy Stick
  • Glorious Devil
  • The Closet Dress Maker
Upper Class District
  • Cookie Cutter
  • Blissful Balthasar's Aid Shrine
  • Anya's House
  • Benign Jewel
  • The Pocket and the Stole
  • The Royal Bank of Groinsmirth
Central Market District
  • The Pocket Hiring Shop
  • The Bank of Carne
  • AThe Elated Parade
  • Cakes and Ale
  • Central Tools
  • Jagged Beef
  • Bobbi's Fist
  • Alcyon's Favors
  • Flowing Glass
  • Ancelmo's Falcon

Notable Citizens

Laufney Durl
Captain of the City Guard. Ensures that the guard and local militia are properly trained and ready to handle any threat that may stumble into the city.

Natural Resources

Utility Crops
Stone Quarries
Ore Mines
Lumber Camps
Flora and Fauna

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